Pauper Summer League @ Magman – Week 3 (17/08/21)

The Pauper Summer League! Six Pauper tournaments from July to September where win some nice prizes.
We are at the third week of the League!

The top players of the single tournament will win something (like Modern Horizon 2 Booster packs) but there is also a League ranking composed by the best four results between the tournaments you participated in the league, plus one extra point for each tournament you played. Extra prizes for the top ranking of the League at the end of the sixth and final tournament. Each single tournament is composed of four Swiss rounds.

After the previous one (you can click here to read how it went) I was 11th of 23 players in the League Ranking.

For my third week of the League I decided to change deck. I was pretty tired that day plus I was feeling a little bummed playing Tron lately and so I decided to try out a deck I got from a friend sometime ago: Mono W Heroic.
You can click here to see my current decklist.

This time we were only 15 players. I think that maybe the new Green Pass regulation we have here in Italy plus some last minute unforeseen event have reduced our numbers a bit.

Round 1 vs Mono U Faeries
Game 1
My first opponent is my brother so we both knew right from the start what we were facing. He starts with a Delver of Secret while I play a Lagonna-Band Trailblazer. He flips the Delver on turn 2 while I play my first auras, racing each other. I continuously drop Auras on the Trailblazer while always keeping at least a mana open to protect her while my brother drops two more faeries and continues to dig for answers.
At a certain point he stops the races and leaves everything up while also tapping out to probably dig for answers. I take the chance of him being tapped out to drop a Benevolent Blessing on the Trailblazer giving her Protection from Blue and so making her immune from all of my brother’s deck. I equip her more and I’m able to close the game fairly easily in the next two turns.
After the game he actually revealed to me that he forgot to attack in that decisive turn and would have probably won after what he was able to find by digging.
Game 2
I kept a debatable hand but I felt safe with Trailblazer, Ethereal Armor, two Karametra’s Blessing and three Plains. He has a slower start than before and so this let me immediately take the lead in the race, especially after having as my first two draws another Armor and Hyena’s Umbra. He still isn’t able to drop down a nice defense, also flooding a bit with mana, while my Trailblazer is now a really big 10/14. He finally seems to find an answer in Snap but in response I cast Karametra’s Blessing; he counters it with a Counterspell but I still have the other one ready and I cast it in response, saving my creature and ending the game the following turn.

1 won – 0 lost

Round 2 vs Dimir Delver
Game 1
My second opponent is what I started to believe is my nemesis in my Pauper Tournaments at Magman. I always end up being matched up against him and I never won!
I mulligan down to five but I keep a really nice hand with Trailblazer, Hyena’s Umbra and Benevolent Blessing. I start aggressively taking advantage that he starts with some tapped dual lands and so I’m able to dish in some nice damage right from the start. I feel safe with the Armor protecting my creature from removals and so, when I see him tapping out, I cast the Benevolent Blessing giving her Protection from Blue. He only has and finds blue creatures like Augur of Bolas and so I’m quickly able to take the game.
Game 2
I side in the Death Speakers, as they are optimal creatures against a deck like my opponent’s that is full of black spot removals, and when I found them in my starting hand with also a good amount of Auras I instantly decided to keep. I play the speakers and I equip it really soon with a Cartouche of Solidarity, that also gives me another creature to protect me against Edict effects, and Sentinel’s Eyes. I start dishing in some damage with the Speaker, also doing the same trick from before of giving them Protection from Blue with a Benevolent Blessing. It’s a slower race but I’m able to slow down my opponents thanks to the Vigilance of the Speakers. Unfortunately I’m not able to find more auras but instead I get more creatures that I use to fill the board, but my opponents remove them quickly with the removals he can’t use on the Speakers. He also has a Gurmag Angler on the field but it can’t pass my creature.
I go to combat to deal some more damages but he casts an Echoing Truth on the Sentinel’s Eyes during the change of phase. I feel I can totally take an attack from Gurmag and so I still decide to attack, dealing some free damage with the speaker, recasting the Eyes on the right after. In his turn however he swung with the Gurmag and before damage he cast Unexpected Fangs giving both Lifelink and a +1/+1 counter to it. It’s a hard blow, even harder due to the lifegain. However from the turn right after I will always have my Death Speaker up to prevent the damage from the Gurmag, while slowly taking him down, helped by some more auras.

2 won – 0 lost

Round 3 vs Affinity Atog
Game 1
I faced Affinity on round 3 but it wasn’t the list we see lately on the tops of the format but more one focused completely on Atog, with only him and Gearseeker Serpent as creatures.
I started going really aggro because I knew I had to be faster then him if I wanted to win the race. I got stuck at one land and that slowed down my clock a bit in the first turns but I was still able to easily play the Trailblazer and start pumping up with various auras and giving her protection red to get her to not be blocked by his Atog. I arrive to the point that I only need one more turn to close the game but he also has enough artifacts to cast Fling and win the game.
Game 2
I side in all my Lifelink because I want to have the possibility to gain a lot of life and quickly get out of the Fling range. I start the game with a Sacred Cat that I also equip with a Hyena’s Umbra to protect it from removals and Sentinel’s Eyes to always have him as a blocker. Right after I play an Akroan Skyguard and enchant it with Lifelink. This gives me a steady and constant income of life but I’m not able to get him down quickly as he has both Atog and a Gearseeker Serpent on the field and so I have to play around them. By blocking his creatures and my attacks I’m able to get at more than 40 life. Feeling completely safe against the fling but without a way to protect my Cat I decide to attack only with the Skyguard, however putting him in the spot of being knocked out the following turn. On his turn he produces mana with his lands and then sacrifices all to Atog, making him a 23/24, leaving only two lands that could produce him mana for a Fling. I was still feeling safe but then he dropped a Temur Battle Rage! I was still able to survive the combat thanks to a combination of the lifelink from the Cat and the Hyena’s Umbra but the Fling that came right after ended me once for all. Wow! 60+ damages to the face in one turn!

2 won – 1 lost

Round 4 vs Wall Combo
Game 1
I have a strong start with the Trailblazer and various auras; he taps out all his creatures for mana in the first turns and so I’m able to enter for some damage. He is able to play various walls but I have the advantage that they are all Green and so I only need to cast Emerge Unscathed on my Trailblazer to basically make it unblockable and attack freely. He tries to dig with Lead the Stampede but he gets really unlucky finding four lands (in a deck that usually only plays like 13 of them is really a lot) and a green creature. I use the rebound from the Emerge Unscathed to make my Trailblazer unblockable again and close the game.
Game 2
My start is more or less the same as game 1 but he is able to start a little better and, despite having a ton of green creatures and, despite me giving Protection from Green to my Trailblazer with a Benevolent Blessing, he is able to slow me down by casting two creatures of different colors and gaining life with a Nylea’s Disciple. The two creatures are Tuktuk Rubblefort and Drift of Phantasms Luckily my Trailblazer is big enough to remove the Drift when she gets blocked and my opponent doesn’t find another non-green creature and so he has to chump-block with the Rubblefort. Without the Rubblefort I feel a little bit more safe, he tries to transmute another Drift of Phantasm looking for an answer but he doesn’t find anything and decides to concede.

3 won – 1 lost

This week I placed 3rd out of 15 Players. In the League Ranking I’m now placed 7th out of 27 players.
I had a much better feeling while playing this deck and it struck my chords better than Tron and so I think I’m going to start playing Heroic as my main deck.

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