Amonkhet Remastered Draft (14/08/21)

To apologize for the delay of the new Magic Arena Set Historic Horizons, the players were gifted with three free entries to some Premium Drafts. The first one was an Amonkhet Remastered Draft.

I never played the Amonkhet limited in paper but I always heard it was a nice set to draft and so I leapt at the chance and decided to join.

I didn’t know the set very well but I remembered browsing a lot of the cards for my Hapatra deck as a lot of interactions with -1/-1 counters can be found in this set.
The rare of my first booster was a land and so I started looking at the uncommon… When I found the Obelisk Spider amongst them I started drafting for a Golgari deck based on the -1/-1 counters.
I was able to pick some really cool cards for the archetype like Nest of Scarabs and so I was quite happy with the deck.
You can find the full decklist by clicking here.

The Premium Draft is structured in the following way: best-of-1 games ending when you get seven wins or three lost games.

Round 1 vs Mono Black
I have a strong start with my Marauding Boneslashers that put my opponents on a really fast clock, especially when I remove his only blocker with Cartouche of Ambition, also casting a discounted Bone Picker.
He is able to recover a little by casting more creatures but I do the same and the damage I did during the first turns gives me enough advantage to easily win the race.

1 won – 0 lost

Round 2 vs Golgari -1/-1
The second round is a Mirror but I’m not able to enjoy it a lot: I mulligan down to five and I miss my third land drop. He instead plays all on curve. I’m not able to go over the third lands that also comes really late in the game and so he easily takes the game.

1 won – 1 lost

Round 3 vs Gruul Aggro
I start with a Trespasser’s Curse that reveals itself as a really good move when I discover I’m against an aggro deck full of creatures. He starts really aggressively with Initiate’s Companion and Resilient Khenra. I’m able to survive thanks to the Curse and some of my lifelinkers but my position is sub-optimal until I’m able to remove all his creatures. However he is able to rapidly be back on the offensive by eternalizing his Khenra but I’m always able to put a blocker in front of his creatures, while I bring him down with my flying creatures.

2 won – 1 lost

Round 4 vs Selesnya Aggro
I had a really nice start by playing various creatures on curve but then I got stuck at three lands (again). He hits me really hard with a big Crocodile of the Crossing but I’m also able to swing some good damage with the Zombie tokens I got from my Doomed Dissenters. I try to go lethal with but he is ready with the removals and stops me from doing it. I play a blocker but he is ready even for it and with Mighty Leap finishes me.

2 won – 2 lost

Round 5 vs Gruul Aggro
I keep a hand that’s a bit slow but I have enough lands, removals and big creatures. Both of us start filling the board with big creatures and we start stalling, waiting for our board to be bigger than the one of our opponent.
He swings heavily with all his creatures and we end up trading most of our boards… This does exactly his game as, despite being both with really few creatures, he plays a Gilded Cerodon. He also has a desert and so whenever he is attacking with the Cerodon he is also able to preclude me from certain blocks, slowly dealing me damages by attacking safely. I’m not able to find answers to this board situation and he wins the game.

2 won – 3 lost

That third loss signaled the end of my draft. The experience of drafting a set like this was nice and so I think I’m going to play all the other free drafts. Being best-of-1 games makes Luck a more important factor than how it usually is in regular drafts and also preparation is still really important… two things that I was both missing for this draft. I will try to prepare better for the next one!

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