Kaladesh Remastered Draft (15/08/21)

To apologize for the delay of the new Magic Arena Set Historic Horizons, the players were gifted with three free entries to some Premium Drafts. The second one was a Kaladesh Remastered Draft.

Kaladesh is another block that I never got to play in limited and so I didn’t know much about it… I only remembered that cards like Regal Caracal were absolute powerhouse in the format. I decided to read a bit about it and after understanding the Kaladesh Remastered limited a bit better I started drafting.

Again my first rare was a land (Concealed Courtyard) and so I started looking at the uncommon, picking Weldfast Engineer. From that point one the cards that started arriving to me were a lot helpful to build a Rakdos Aggro deck based on artifacts.
Pack 3 for me was really a blast! I passed my Rare because it wasn’t in my colors but then I got passed both Demon of Dark Schemes and Freejam Regent! Two incredible cards that really got to complete my deck as my curve was running really low!

You can find my decklist by clicking here.

The Premium Draft is structured in the following way: best-of-1 games ending when you get seven wins or three lost games.

Match 1 vs Mono Green Aggro
I mulligan down to six because my first hand seemed too slow. We both start building our boards of creatures without attacking because we both know the other could perfectly take the hit and then retaliate with a bigger attack. I improvise the Freejam Regent and the turn right after I’m able to wrath the board with Demon of Dark Schemes. I don’t even need to use the Energy to reanimate some because with the Regent’s ability of getting bigger I only needed one more attack to close the game.

1 won – 0 lost

Match 2 vs Izzet Aggro
In this game I try to fill my board while keeping the one of my opponent. I go wide with my creatures while I play fewer but a lot bigger. I have some that are evasive to keep damaging him while I keep the ones with death touch to be ready to block if he decides to attack. I’m able to bring him to 1 life and, when he taps out to cast another big creature, I attack with everything and bring the game home.

2 won – 0 lost

Match 3 vs Azorius Flying
I start aggressively with a turn 1 Inventor’s Apprentice followed by various artifacts that help me put pressure on my opponents, lowering his life a lot. He starts playing his flying creatures that makes me a little less aggressive. Luckily I draw the card that will give me the game; I launch an attack that almost seems suicidal, renouncing a lot of my creatures as they get killed by the bigger flyers of my opponent. Still I get to do some really nice damage and the creatures that blocked mine and survived, now all have enough damage on to be annihilated by the Demon of Dark Schemes I play after the combat. All the board get wrathed leaving only the Demon on it. He isn’t able to find a flying blocker and so I close the game the following turn with my Demon.

3 won – 0 lost

Match 4 vs Azorius Flying
I start fast dealing him some damage but one of my pieces gets quickly exiled and he starts building a really wide board. I’m able to resist but I ended up almost losing the game due to a wrong land drop: I ended up playing an Inventors’ Fair instead of fetching and playing a Swamp with Renegade Map. This made me have to wait a full turn before being able to wrath the board with Demon of Dark Schemes. In that turn he attacks me with all his force and luckily he hasn’t enough power on the board and leaves me with 4 life. I swing with my remaining creatures and then I drop the Demon, cleaning the board and winning the game in the following turns with him.

4 won – 0 lost

Match 5 vs Mono Red Aggro
I mulligan down to five but I still had a nice start while my opponents kept missing his third land drop for various turns. Initially he is able to keep me in check with his burn spells but I’m quickly able to close the game when I drop the Freejam Regent with in hand a Rush of Vitality to protect it and gain a lot of life back.

5 won – 0 lost

Match 6 vs Golgari Midrange
I keep a hand without black but I have the Renegade Map that it’s able to fix me. He is really aggressive and we trade a lot of powerful blows at the beginning of the game but I immediately put him on the defensive as soon as I’m able to improvise a Freejam Regent on the field. I’m able to leave him only one big creature that however still has to keep on defense due to my Aether Poisoner that can easily kill it. I attack a few times with the Regent, pumping him up with its own ability, and I close the game.

6 won – 0 lost

Match 7 vs Selesnya Aggro
I keep a hand that is a bit slow but not too bad. He quickly starts dropping creatures but I’m able to remove his creatures with my Welding Sparks and Subtle Strike. Both of us continue building our board but I rapidly get the upper hand as I have both two Weldfast Monitor and two Weldfast Engineer on the field. These put him on the defensive but with some Rush of Vitality combat tricks I’m able to remove a lot of his creatures and he isn’t able anymore to put enough creatures on the field to deal with my two Menace ones. A few more attacks and I take the draft home!

7 won – 0 lost

With 7 victories I reached the end of the draft, winning the best prize possible.
Kaladesh Remastered is really a fun format to draft; really aggressive! If you are not attacking and only blocking is most of the time a clear sign that you are losing! 

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