Joanna Maciejewska – Scars of Stone

Title: Scars of Stone
Author: Joanna Maciejewska
Series:  Pacts Arcane and Otherwise (Book 2 of ?)
Year: 2021
Goodreads page: Link

DISCLAIMER! This is the review of the 2nd book of the series, so it could contain spoiler of the previous ones even in the synopsis. Read at your discretion.

Discovering the truth about magic is one thing. Doing something about it will require bloodletting, backstabbing, and a bunch of lies.
The battle with a demonic foe had opened Kamira’s and Veelk’s eyes: they were unprepared for their task. If they want a chance of freeing Veranesh from his crystal prison, they need the help of a brilliant inventor imprisoned by Gildya, a man also desired by the refugee queen, Cahala, who will stop at nothing to slake her thirst for magic.
Time is also of the essence as Archmage Yoreus maneuvers for power. Once he claims the title of the first archmage for himself, he will tie up all loose ends, and that entails burying Kamira, Veelk, and a long line of secrets he’d prefer to be forgotten.
Kamira and Veelk have a rule, “no heroics, survival first.”
When dealing with demons, avoiding heroics is easy. But survival? Not so much.
(from Goodreads)

Right from the beginning we start to understand how the prison that was freed in the ending of the previous book is linked to the story… and why this book has this title!

After setting all the situation during the first book, this second one is completely dedicated to the narration, giving a following to the story and defining right from the beginning the various objectives of our protagonists. The story is more linear in this book and it seemed to have a more fluid and easy to read flow.

I preferred this second book because, without the need to explain the whole setting and the general situation, there was more space to narrate the events, for the characters’ growth and the development of the relationships between them.

The fights are always amazing but here we also have an enrichment of the story with political intrigues, betrayals and situations alike!

The story continues, developing around the Scars of Stone that give the title to this book and culminating in not one but two cliffhangers that will probably lead us to the end of the saga!… or maybe not? There seems to be still a lot to be told and that could give much more books to this amazing story!

I’m loving this series and totally digging it! If you are looking for some good fantasy, this is what you are looking for!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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