Commander Boxing League 5 – Week 3

Hi everyone and welcome to the third week of the fifth Commander Boxing League of our group!

After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us has chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

After the previous weeks I decided to switch my Commander to Jarad. Meren was strong but not fast enough to be able to close the game before Ur-Dragon hit the battlefield with the immense power of his dragons. I felt like Jarad could give me that extra punch to close the game faster.

As my booster for the week I decided to go with Theros Beyond Death, hoping to find some of the Escape cards to have some recursion from the graveyard to have more to sacrifice to Jarad.

I wasn’t able to find many recursive pieces but I pulled a really nice Erebos, Bleak-Hearted that will give me some really nice card advantage.

You can click here to check out the updated list.

Giovanni kept his The Ur-Dragon deck and also Gianluca kept K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth as his Commander.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take two points home. 

Ur-Dragon starts really strong with a Sol Ring on turn 1 but I’m no less and I cast three mana rocks in the first three turns and I start building my board by casting Jarad and Meren.
K’rrik also starts building a nice board until Ur-Dragon drops a Crux of Fate, wrathing the board.
I reanimate Meren and with her I get Jarad back to my hand as I make him go to the graveyard. Ur-Dragon starts playing his Dragons but with some Combat tricks and other spells we are able to leave his board clean. In response he wraths the board again with Deathbringer Regent. I, again, let Jarad hit the graveyard and I reanimate it right after.
Ur-Dragon casts Scion of the Ur-Dragon and starts doing some trick with its ability but I attack him and force him to block if he doesn’t want to lose the game. I do a combat trick and I’m able to remove the Scion.
K’rrik is not doing much while Ur-Dragon casts his Commander… but it’s too late as with Jarad on the field I’m able to sacrifice various creatures and win the game by doing enough damage to both my opponents.

I have a slower start and, despite being able to play a mana rock, I miss the third land drop. Ur-Dragon casts Intet that turns him Atarka, World Render, making his dragons attack us for a ton of damage.
K’rikk is able to remove Atarka but Ur-Dragon casts Bladewing the Risen and reanimates it. K’rrik and I are really low in life and I’m so low on mana that I can’t do much. After another attack I’m able to survive at 1 life and I try to help K’rrik by reducing the damage going toward him with the activated ability of Erebos.
I cast Jarad and I sacrifice my Mycoloth to it, bringing Ur-Dragon down to 3 life… but he is too well set and still wins the game.

Another start for me that is not that fast but luckily also my opponents don’t have one that is too fast. I cast Jarad that is followed immediately by K’rrik that also cast Rakshasa Debaser. The Debaser can be dangerous but luckily at the moment the graveyards are still empty. K’rrik fills the board really quickly with some small tokens that protect him but I don’t mind them as with Jarad’s ability I’m still able to do damage to my opponents without having to go into combat. At the moment I still focus on Ur-Dragon because I don’t want him to win this week.
K’rrik finds me and the set-up that Ur-Dragon is starting to do is too dangerous and wrath the board while also being able to keep most of his. Ur-Dragon is able to cast his Commander and things start to be really dangerous. I cast Caller of the Pack but it’s too late and it gets immediately removed by Ur-Dragon’s Tyrant’s Familiar.
In my turn I’m able to draw a lot and draw a lot and I try to help K’rrik at closing the game as I see my win as impossible at the moment.
Again I have Erebos on the field and so I use it to reduce Ur-Dragon’s power to help K’rrik to survive. This is clutch as in his turn K’rrik is able to close the game bringing the week to its fourth game.

K’rrik seems to have a really strong start with Sol Ring but he misses his second land-drop, revealing to us that he kept a mono-land hand.
We all ramp and Ur-Dragon quickly puts us in a bad position by casting a Scalelord Reckoner that makes it really hard for us to target his Dragons. I cast my Shriekmaw and get one of my other pieces destroyed to remove it. This puts Ur-Dragon a bit behind but he is still able to drop his Commander on the field pretty early in the game and to start doing some big damage around. He tries to cast a Crux of Fate to put us in an even worse position but we remove some of his Dragons in response.
In the meantime K’rrik is able to put three counters on Grimoire of the Dead and use its other ability to reanimate all the creatures from all the graveyards! After the wrath our boards are basically empty while he has a full one that he starts using to knock both of us out! We don’t find an answer to this board state and so K’rrik ends up winning.

Casting a Wrath with a Grimoire of the Dead on the field wasn’t a great move but I guess that Giovanni wasn’t expecting us to have all those removals for his board state.

By winning the week, Gianluca got 2 points in the ranking while Giovanni and I got 1 for winning a game.

This is the ranking after the third week:
Giovanni: 5 points
Gianluca: 3 points.
Raven: 3 points.

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