Commander Boxing League 5 – Week 4

Hi everyone and welcome to the fourth week of the fifth Commander Boxing League of our group!

After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us has chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

After the previous week and seeing that Jarad performed slightly better than Maren in this League, I decided to keep it as my Commander.
The situation in the league isn’t the best as Giovanni is really far ahead while we are getting closer to the final week; he only needs to win one more Week to win the whole League!

For this week’s booster packs I decided to go with Strixhaven, hoping to find some good archive cards to help me out controlling the game better or nice Witherbloom creatures to put in the deck.

I was able to find something not too shabby like Primal Command and Dina, but nothing that changed much the deck structure.

You can find the decklist by clicking here.

Giovanni kept his The Ur-Dragon deck and also Gianluca kept K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth as his Commander.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take two points home. 

Game 1
I keep a hand with very few lands but the rest is really nice and so I decide to get greedy… unfortunately I get punished for it and I miss my third land drop. I’m only able to play Dina while my two opponents ramp a lot.
I find the third land really late and so I decide to dedicate this game to slowing down Ur-Dragon and try to prevent him from winning this week. However the fourth didn’t arrive and so I’m not even able to do that.
The only thing I can do is play another creature that I have to use to chump-block an attack from Ur-Dragon.
I’m left with an empty board and luckily I was at least useful as a distraction as these give K’rrik enough time to clean Ur-Dragon’s board with his removals. Ur-Dragon however kills K’rrik with a Murder in response.
Ur-Dragon is casted and starts really dealing some huge damages with Dromoka and, by putting on the field a Scion of the Ur-Dragon, he is able to use its ability to put Old Gnawbone in the graveyard and create 19 treasures!
K’rrik is able to activate the second ability of the Grimoire of the Dead he has on the field but Ur-Dragon is ready for it and uses a Nihil Spellbomb on his own graveyard. K’rrik is only able to reanimate his own creatures and mines and they are not enough to beat the actual Ur-Dragon’s board state.
Giovanni gets his first win of the two he needs to win the league.

Game 2
I keep a much better hand that ensures me to have at least mana to cast my spells. We have to gang up on Ur-Dragon because he only needs another win to take the whole League home.
I set my board with lots of creatures and also Jarad that can help me dish out some nice damage. We both focus on Ur-Dragon but K’rrik found ways to also annoy me by making me sacrifice Jarad.
We are going really aggressive and I’m able to find Primal Command that I use to get back Wandering Archaic from the graveyard and I cast it. K’rrik plays Mire in Misery and let me copy it, cleaning Ur-Dragon’s board. With the empty field we are able to knock him out.
I’m alone against K’rrik and he isn’t able to find an answer after I cast Meren. I remove him everything and he decided to concede.

Game 3
K’rrik starts really strong by having his Commander on the field at turn 2! He starts by hitting Ur-Dragon, trying to chip his life down. We are left a bit behind but while I’m not able to build a decent board presence, Ur-Dragon is already playing some of his dragons. K’rrik is able to keep Ur-Dragon in check for a bit but then the board gets wrathed and starts playing more and more dragons.
I’m again left behind but this time because I’m only finding lands! Ur-Dragon hits the field but K’rrik is able to remove it with Szat’s Will; however Ur-Dragon has Savage Ventmaw on the field that immediately gives him enough mana to recast his Commander. Ur-Dragon plays Atarka and, with all his dragons having Double Strike, he immediately removes me from the game!
Right after he plays Crux of Fate, wrathing K’rrik board and winning the game the turn right after.

Again, Ur-Dragon’s army was too overwhelming for the both of us and so he ended up winning the week even with both of us playing against him.

By winning the week, Giovanni got 2 points in the ranking while I got 1 for winning a game.

This is the ranking after the fourth week:
Giovanni: 7 points
Raven: 4 points
Gianluca: 3 points.

With that number of points, Giovanni wins the League without even going to the fifth and final week! We decided to end this League here and start with a new one!

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