Commander Boxing League 6 – Week 1

Hi everyone and welcome to the first week of the new and sixth Commander Boxing League of our group!

The League will be only five weeks long and we will have a different method to assign points: 2 to the winner of the week and 1 to those that did not win the week but won a game; we will also always draft Box + 6 booster packs of another set + Sol Ring and then add 6 booster packs every week.

I went with Adventures in the Forgotten Realms as my box because I wanted to play with the various cards that we can find in this set. For my booster packs I went with Zendikar Rising: the Party mechanic seemed really themed with AFR and I wanted to try building something by using both the sets.

At first I was thinking of building a deck based around the Dungeon mechanic but then I realized that it has 0 support from all the other sets as it works in a completely new way that can’t be interacted with by the older cards. I then decided to build a deck with Krydle of Baldur’s Gate as Commander.

Krydle is a generally good Commander as it comes on the battlefield early and starts doing some top deck manipulation. Zendikar Rising also gives me some nice Rogue synergy, like the powerful Zareth that in the deck basically acts as my secret Commander.
You can find the full decklist by clicking here.

Giovanni decided to play Iname as One and I have mixed feelings about it: it has a really high casting cost, still he could manage to bring him out with some good ramping game and its effects are quite powerful.
My Brother Gianluca went with another fearsome Commander: Numot, the Devastator; it has a really good flying body and the ability to destroy lands really scared me.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take two points home.  

Not a too fast start for any of us. I’m able to get my Commander down on turn 2 but I’m only able to swing once before Numot decides to remove it with Sunlance. Luckily Krydle is really cheap and I’m quickly able to recast it.
I’m scared by Numot’s ability but luckily he gets stuck on land and he isn’t able to cast it and so in the meantime I’m able to look for a removal. I cast Westgate Regent but Numot quickly removes it and then casts his Commander. On my turn I play Gelatinous Cube and take away Numot with it. Numot decides to leave his Commander exiled instead of bringing it in the Command Zone.
I continue to put pressure on my opponents, however Iname has a Orochi Hatchery that slows me down a lot by constantly giving him blockers for my creatures, bringing us always more and more into the range of seeing Iname hit the field.
My cube gets removed and Numot re-enters the battlefield. I have a flying blocker but he is able to put a Dust Corona on his Commander; this leaves it to swing freely and destroy two of my lands. Luckily he decided to target me and so I’m able to use Mordenkainen‘s ultimate: I got all my deck in my hand and the four cards I had in hand became my deck. This gives me enough resources to knock out Numot with my next attack and play a Mind Flayer that lets me steal Iname’s Shinen of Life’s Roar.
Without the Shinen provoking all my creatures and I’m able to safely block his attack and then win the game the turn right after as all his creatures have to block the Shinen while I swing for lethal with my other ones.

I start really strong with a Sol Ring but then I miss my land drop and I’m not able to find any more lands.
Numot casts a Jinxed Idol and immediately passed it to me. I’m able to pass the Idol to Iname and put Zareth on the field, stealing one of the creatures from Iname’s graveyard. Iname removes Zareth and Numat enters the battlefield. Numat immediately attacks me and destroys my only two lands, leaving me with only the Sol Ring as mana source… but I have only colored spells.
Seeing my win in the first game they focus on me for the first turns but then they start hitting each other, seeing that I’m not finding any lands and so I seem to not be a problem at all.
We all have a low life and Numot is able to remove all of Iname’s creatures from the field… and then he casts Burst destroying all lands. He plays an Island right after and after another attack that puts me at 18 Commander Damages pass the turn to me. I finally drew a land! And it’s an Island! I fear that Numot could be holding up for a counter but if I don’t do it now I will certainly lose: I cast You Come to a River, trying to bounce Numot back to his hand… and he doesn’t have counters and I bounce it back!
I’m the only one with creatures that I start dropping thanks to Sol Ring and the lands I’m drawing and this puts me in advantage after a whole game that I spent being last.
They don’t find lands or small creatures to put down to block me and so I’m able to slowly knock both of them out!

After being left with 0 lands for the whole game I totally lost my hope of winning that second one. I think that that mass land destruction without protection to back it up was what gave me the game. Maybe Gianluca tried to rush or didn’t think I could have something to recover from that position. Sol Ring really saved the day.

By winning the week, I got 2 points in the ranking.

This is the ranking after the first week:
Raven: 2 points.
Gianluca: 0 points
Giovanni: 0 points.


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