Commander Boxing League 6 – Week 2

Hi everyone and welcome to the second week of the sixth Commander Boxing League of our group!

After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us has chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

Seeing how well my Krydle deck did with the Rogue theme, I decided to still go with the theme and opened Morningtide as my booster for this week.

I was able to find some cool new cards that supported the archetype, like Frogtosser Banneret and Stinkdrinker Bandit, and so I was pretty happy with my pulls.
You can find my updated decklist by clicking here!

Giovanni decided to keep playing his Iname as One deck while Gianluca switched to Mirri the Cursed.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take two points home.  

I keep a hand without ramp but with some tricks that I can do with my Rogues. I get lucky and I’m quickly able to use Thieves’ Fortune and find a Sol Ring with it, getting all the ramp I need. I fill my board with Rogues and I’m also able to play and fully level-up a Wizard Class that helps me out pressuring my opponents with my creatures.
Mirri enters the battlefield but I’m able to keep it in check. I’m able to cast Zareth and I use it to steal a Dunerider Outlaw from Mirri’s graveyard.
However Iname casts Horobi, Death’s Wail putting me in a not so good position and I got some pieces removed before being able to kill it.
I cast Mind Flayer stealing Mirri. Mirri scoops after this and I’m left alone against Iname. Iname is able to cast his Commander and, after being the whole game in a 1 vs 2, I’ve not enough resources to deal with it and I ended up being trampled on by his big creatures.

Mirri starts strongly with a Sol RIng while I cast my Commander. We both deal our first attack against Iname but right after Mirri makes me his target. I’m still able to build a really nice board while my opponents have both a quite empty one. Mirri is flooding with lands and, after the fifth one he draws in a row, he scoops.
I’m left alone against Iname and I have Krydle and a Soulknife Spy equipped with Thieves’ Tools on the field. I’m able to grind the whole game with my unblockable creatures and easily win while controlling my board with spells.

I mulligan down to six and the first thing I try to do is cast my Commander; Mirri tries to counter it with Dash Hopes and I pay the 5 life to have it on the field. I attack with Krydle and I’m able to play Stinkdrinker Bandit for it’s discounted cost.
Me and Mirri start hitting each other as Iname board it’s still empty in the first few turns, but as soon as all the boards start to get crowded we all fall into defensive mode. I start swinging a bit with my unblockable creatures and Iname responds by starting to attack me.
I cast Mind Flayer, again trying to steal Mirri but he sacrifices it in response. Mirri gets recasted and freely enters on me as I don’t have flying blockers while Iname casts Junkyo Bell and enters on me for 10 damages.
I try to stop Mirri by casting Ray of Frost and he sacrifices his Commander again, letting it go to the graveyard this time. He cast Gravedigger, obviously trying to get Mirri back in hand, but I’m ready with a counter and I stop him. He scoops, leaving again me alone against Iname.
I think I will be able to handle the fight even if my life is quite low thanks to my blocker… but he pulls out a Devouring Greed, sacrificing his whole board and winning the game.

Kamigawa surely had some neat cards for something like Spirit Tribal and I totally wasn’t expecting that Greed!

By winning the week, Giovanni got 2 points in the ranking while I got 1 for winning a game.

This is the ranking after the second week:
Raven: 3 points.
Giovanni: 2 points
Gianluca: 0 points

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