Goblin Guerilla: my Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician EDH deck

Hi everyone and welcome to another post about my personal Commander decks!
This time I’m going to talk about my Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician deck: Goblin Guerilla.

Between the various Goblin tribal Commanders, I think that Ib is one of the most underrated ones for this archetype. It’s not hyper-aggressive like a Krenko, but it can really fuel a more mid-range plan where we are going to pull out from our hat some tricks worthy of the best goblins!

The first of Ib’s abilities is one that will make our Goblin really hard to block, especially in the early phase of the game. If we are able to force the blocks, one of our small Goblin token will easily become a pseudo one-sided wrath thanks to this ability. This ability will not always benefit us, so there will be games where we might decide to go wide with a classic goblin plan and not cast Ib to avoid holding back our best goblins.

The second one will let us sacrifice Mountains to make goblins and we can take advantage from this token generation in various ways. We also have methods to recover from the sacrificed lands and so losing them would not be too much of a problem.

The deck can fight as a classic goblin aggro deck by going really wide and swinging for the win, use the various goblin tech to leverage the game before going for the kill or opting for a combo finisher.
The combo works a lot like the one Modern players are accustomed to see, but we are going for mono-red: with Conspicuous Snoop on the field and Kiki-Jiki on the top of the deck we can create infinite copy of the Snoop by targeting himself with Kiki’s ability; then if we have something that will damage our opponents for each creatures that enters the battlefield, like Impact Tremors, or a sac outlet plus something dealing damage when our creatures are dying, like Pashalik Mons, and we will close the game.

You can find the full decklist by clicking here.

Now let’s start analyzing the various cards in the deck.

Some classic mana rocks but with also some Goblins that will let us play our other ones more easily.
Goblin Warchief will reduce the cost of our Goblins while we also run cards like Goblin Lackey that will directly drop them on the field.
Treasonous Ogre will let us have some really explosive turns while Surveyor’s Scope will let us use IB’s ability to get us down on land count but then get them back directly from the deck.

Ways to pump our tribe. Shared Animosity will be devastating when we will swing really widely with our gang of goblins.
Hobgoblin Bandit Lord can also help us knock out a single opponent if we use its ability when we have the Snoop/Kiki combo going on.

These are some general goblins that don’t have any specific role in the deck. The most notable one here is Krenko, Mob Boss that can win games on its own by flooding our board with goblins.

Some staple red removals plus Goblins ones like Goblin Cratermaker that will benefit from all the tribal bonus while also giving us the possibility to remove threats.
Goblin Sharpshooter can take down boards full of small tokens and x/1 while Goblin Assassin is a clunky but really funny way to remove pieces that also works well with Ib’s ability of creating goblins.
Nemesis Mask acts as a removal in this deck thanks to Ib’s first ability: all the creatures of the attacked player will have to block our small goblin and we are going to sacrifice it, dealing 4 damage to each of them.

Card Advantage
Generally good red spells that give us the possibility to play even more cards. We have our Snoop for the combo but also Muxus can give us a nice win if set up correctly.
Grenzo can be used to have more spells to play but we can also use it as a control tool to force our opponents to attack each other.

By playing Combo, tutors are the best way to find all the pieces we need. It will not be rare to use one of the tutors to look for another one of them, as one is clearly the best to set up all our plays: Goblin Recruiter. The recruiter will win us the game on its own by setting up a Kiki-Snoop combo on the top of our deck or by creating for us the perfect Muxus.

With Ib’s ability of sacrificing land, Crucible of Worlds will help us generate tons of goblins late in the game.
We don’t run many artifacts, but the one we have a pretty important and so having Goblin Welder to recover them is nice… in the worst scenario it is still a goblin the we can use to beat our opponents up

Most of these cards are what we are going to use to kill our opponents with the combo.
Torbran is one of the most powerful ways in mono-red to increase the damage output while Aggravated Assault will let us spend our mana to get extra combat phases.
Repercussion is a great card that will possibly let us knock out an opponent if paired with Nemesis Mask and Ib’s ability.

Protecting our piece will be extremely nice, especially if we happen to have them on the field and we are waiting for the rest of the combo. Lightning Greaves is a shroud that we can move around for free, while Goblin Chirurgeon will protect our Goblins from removals.

These are pieces that will generate tons of hate but will help us get ahead of multicolored decks. They slow down these decks a lot but if your playgroup isn’t ok with them you can easily remove them for some more goblins; both Blood Moon and the Magus help but they are not fundamental for the deck.

Illusionist’s Bracers is a really powerful artifact that will let us abuse even more of our activated abilities; Ib, Goblin Sharpshooter, Krenko… all abilities that if repeated could give us a really huge advantage!
Insult is a way to help us finish the games but for me was mostly to avoid going all in and having all the damage prevented as in my playgroups Fog effects are pretty common.
Price of Progress is another way to dish out some nice damage for free.

Mountains! Tons of them plus fetchlands and other utility lands.
The artifact ones are to give a target to Goblin Welder to switch for some more useful artifact in our graveyard. Buried Ruin is also here to get back some artifacts.
Madblind Mountain can shuffle our deck if we see some cards we don’t want to play with Snoop, plus it has the Mountain subtype and so we can still sacrifice it to Ib.

I hope this post will help those players that want to still play Goblins but while giving the spotlight to a Commander that is not as played as the others ones but it’s still really viable!

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