My “Innistrad: Midnight Hunt” Prerelease

Last weekend was Prerelease time and so I rolled down to my LGS to play some Innistrad: Midnight Hunt sealed!

Opening my boosters I didn’t find any bombs, like those awesome Planeswalkers, but I was able to build a deck based on Day&Night synergies thanks to cards like The Celestus, Brimstone Vandal and Brutal Cathar.
I think that MID sealed will lean a lot on tri colored decks as the same strategy seems to be supported with more colors. I went for a Naya deck because I felt like I didn’t have good cards in only two colors.

You can click here to see my prerelease deck.

There were 14 players and The tournament began after the announcement that there will be four matches.

Match 1 vs Abzan Goodstuff
My first opponent was my friend Giovanni. We didn’t build our deck together so I didn’t know what he was playing.
Game 1
We start by trading some blows early on but I’m able to get ahead when I play Tavern Ruffian and he doesn’t have any spell to cast on his turn, making it become night and flipping the Ruffian.
I also play Purifying Dragon and use it to clean the board for the Ruffian and swing in for the last damages.
Game 2
He got pretty unlucky in this second game as he was able to find only black mana sources. I only need to play Thermo-Alchemist to block his only creature while also dealing damage while I build my board and easily swing for the win once I remove his few creatures.

1 win – 0 loss

Match 2 vs 4-Color Human
My second opponent was the guy that beat my brother on Match 1 and so I had to take revenge.
Game 1
He mulligans down to five but I got stuck at only two lands. I’m not able to find more and the only creatures I’m able to cast get removed pretty quickly. He wins easily as I’m not able to cast anything.
Game 2
We both mulligan but I have a much better start in this second game. I’m able to cast Brutal Cathar and I start using it to remove pieces from his board, attacking heavily when is night and forcing the day back to remove another of his creatures. He finds the removal too late: it’s night and the Ward from the Cathar would kill him and so I end up winning this second game.
Game 3
He starts strongly with Katilda but I quickly try to mine his plan by casting my Purifying Dragon. He try to save her by casting Gavony Silversmith putting a +1/+1 counter, but I have Burn the Accursed in hand that still let me kill her. I put him on a clock with the Dragon as he doesn’t have a way to stop a flying creature while I’m keeping my other creatures on defense to stop his humans. He doesn’t find removals for the Dragon and I win the match.

2 wins – 0 loss

Match 3 vs Esper Control
My third opponent was a guy that I knew he did open a Teferi. I was sincerely hoping that I would be able to close him before he is able to find it…
Game 1
…but he has the audacity of showing me that he has Teferi in his first hand. I mulligan as my hand is really too slow and I find one that is slightly better as I don’t want to lose even more cards.
I try to get ahead in the early turns but Teferi it’s the field at turn 4 and it is really well protected. I’m not able to remove Teferi and he starts gaining life with his ability. I don’t see a way out while he is basically stalling the game so I decided to concede to be able to eventually try and close a second game before turns.
Game 2
I start stronger and faster but he is able to slow me down until is again able to find Teferi. Teferi continuously slows me down by increasing his life and letting him find answers when I drop some threats. I don’t have any real bomb in the deck and it’s all based in synergy and so I don’t see a possibility to come back out of nowhere. He is also really well set up and so I decided to concede.

2 wins – 1 loss

Match 4 vs Dimir Zombie
I really liked how this guy was able to build a really synergic deck! A real Zombie Tribal!
Game 1
I start really strongly with Thermo-Alchemist that blocks his creatures in the early turn and deals his small damage that puts him on a slow clock. I cast Brutal Cathar and I use it to remove his creatures. I swing for a bit with it but then it gets removed. Luckily I’ve still some other creatures that can block and my life is still high and so I’m able to close the game with the Alchemist.
Game 2
He starts strong with a Ludevic while I get stuck on land. Ludevic mills various cards on his deck and I see that he also has a Gisa. I’m not able to find anything to resolve the situation as I’m not finding any lands. The organizer said to us that we only had 20 more minutes to play and my opponent was really slow in closing the game. I decided to concede to go to game 3.
Game 3
I have a really strong start with The Celestus and Brimstone Vandal. I also cast Brutal Cathar and I start changing day to night to remove pieces with the Cathar. The loop was really easy: I started the turn by being Night and I attacked with the Cathar. After my turn I changed back to day with Celestus, dealing damage with the Vandal and removing a creature with the Cathar… then I passed to my opponent and without casting any spells it turned Night again… I simply continued like this, leaving his board empty and dealing small damages with the Vandal until I won.

3 wins – 1 loss

With this result I ended up 4th, with the same points as the 3rd but with a slightly worse ranking. 

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