Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table

Title: Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table
Original Title: ログ・ホライズン 円卓崩壊
Episodes: 12
Year: 2021
Studio: Studio Deen

DISCLAIMER! By being this a review of the 3rd season of the anime, you could find spoilers of the previous seasons even in the synopsis. Read the article at your discretion.

The Round Table conference is informed that their investigation on the Fairy Rings was fruitless, which hinders their plans to create a way back and forth to the real world. Rayneshia is visited by her mother and is informed that her engagement with another noble was arranged, which leaves Rayneshia in distress due to her feelings for Crusty, who is still missing. Meanwhile, Shiroe receives a report of an investigation on several adventurers who were teleported away from the Yamato server like Crusty, but discovers that unlike him, they were not found in any other Elder Tale server and suspects that they have returned to the real world. Some time later, Ein, the leader of the guild Honesty, loses faith on the Round Table’s capacity to manage the city’s affairs and accepts the offer of the Holy Westlande Empire to become a duke. Shiroe fears that Ein’s move is the beginning of the end for the Round Table.
(from Wikipedia)

I was so happy when this anime was announced! Finally, after so many years, Log Horizon is back with its third season!

This third season of the anime narrates things that happen after the 11th Volume of the Novel and, apart from a bit of backtracking used to narrate what happened to Krusty, it was all new to me!

The political parts are always really interesting but the beginning of the season almost seemed like a series of filler episodes that focused on other things instead of on the project of coming back to the regular world. We started to have some nice development at the end of the last season with the matter of the moon but, at the beginning of this series, it seems like all of that almost never happened. They felt a lot like these first episodes were all to re-explain the setting after many years of stop.

Luckily it then recovered itself and seems to get back on track. However it happens around episode 9. The series seems to be back in full swing… but the season ends not too many episodes after it…
I sincerely hope that the next season will be here soon as I need to know how it’s going to continue!


  1. Oh hey, I’m watching this right now! Started when it was airing, still on episode 8. I didn’t read the post in case of spoilers, but I’m sure it’s great as usual!


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