“Queen of Hearts”‘s update after Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Midnight Hunt also brought a nice new toy for Oona… and I also wanted to show you what changes I made to the deck in these months.

You can find the previous post about the deck by clicking here.

While by clicking here you can find the updated decklist.

+ Malevolent Hermit, – Feed the Swarm
Hermit was the new card from Midnight Hunt that found a place in the deck. It’s front face is nice but it’s for its back that really shines in Oona: making uncounterable all the non-creature spells in a deck where we the majority of our winning spells aren’t of this category is huge!
I decided to remove Feed the Swarm because in my meta, mostly due to the sorcery speed, did end up not being as useful as it should be.

+ Power Artifact, – Notion Thief
Power Artifact with Grim Monolith can produce infinite colorless mana… or we can use it on Isochron Scepter to reduce the amount of mana needed to go infinite with it.
I decided to remove Notion Thief because it ended up performing much worse than expected for the four mana it cost.

+ Lion’s Eye Diamond, Cabal Ritual; – Sleight of Hand, Forbidden Orchard
An infinite colorless mana combo isn’t enough to close the game with Oona as we will need at least three colored mana to cast Oona and one extra colored mana per opponent to close the game. We are adding LED and Cabal Ritual to try to help us overcome this problem.
The cards that were removed are Sleight of Hand, which underperformed a bit in the last games, and Forbidden Orchard; I decided to remove the Orchard because with the addition of two more forms of fast mana I felt it was necessary to remove a land.

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