Team Trio @ Radio Atog (09/10/21)

Last weekend, Radio Atog, a 2-day Pauper event with two different events, took place.

The first one was a Team Trio one! For those who don’t know, a Team Trio tournament is a team one where three players play against another team of three players with everyone playing a single match against the opponent in front of you. The player of the same team cannot have in the deck the same card of another teammate (apart from basic lands).

I joined the tournament with my brother Gianluca and with our friend Enrico. Both me and my brother don’t share any cards in our main decks (Heroic and Mono U Faeries) and so we only needed to find a third one that could be compatible. Enrico decided then to join us with a Tron deck.

My list is basically the same as the finals of the Pauper Summer League, I only decided to add back the Karametra’s Blessing to the deck because I was suffering too much from the various removals… especially the white one.

Here are our decklists:
My Mono W Heroic
Gian’s Mono B Faeries
Enrico’s Tron

At the tournament there were 13 different teams! A really nice number of players! It was an open list tournament so we knew what we were playing against right from the start. There will be five swiss rounds and then the top4.

Match 1 vs Boros Bully
There was only a single team we wanted to avoid during the Swiss one… and we got to face them right in the first match! We wanted to avoid them because we knew that they were really good players! To make this even worse my opponent was also playing Bully.
Game 1
I mulligan down to four because I’m not able until then to find a hand that could deal with Bully. I play my only creature but he is ready with Oblivion Ring and removes it as soon as possible. I try looking for another creature but I’m not lucky and he easily wins this first game.
Game 2
I have a much better start but he is able to slow me down thanks to Prismatic Strands and removals. He fills the board with Squadron Hawks and Battle Screech and, while always being ready to block me, he puts me on a clock that easily gives him the match.

Gianluca lost 0-2 against Dimir Monarch
Enrico tied 1-1 in a Tron mirror.
The final result for the match was 0 wins – 2 losses – 1 draw.

0 wins – 1 loss

Match 2 vs Affinity
In the second match we were against some friends and I got to face Affinity.
Game 1
I keep a greedy hand with a single creature that gets immediately removed and so I spend my game looking for a second one. He in the meantime drops various Gearseeker Serpents and an Atog that gets pumped to quickly close the game.
Game 2
I keep a safer hand but the game doesn’t last much. I play a Vault Skirge and I enchant it with two Ethereal Armors. He isn’t able to remove it and I close the game by adding more auras on my fourth turn.
Game 3
I start with a double Skirge that gives me both a race and some lifegain to put me out of the range of a possible Fling. I focus on enchanting and protecting one of them and I have enough auras to close the game rather quickly before he is able to add pressure to the table with his creatures.

Gianluca lost 0-2 against Orzhov Soul Sisters
Enrico lost 0-2 against Gruul Cascade
The final result of the match was 1 win – 2 losses

0 wins – 2 losses

Match 3 – Bye
We got the bye in our third game because we were the last one in the ranking.

1 win – 2 losses

Match 4 vs Boros Bully
When I saw that I was again against Boros Bully in the finale I was pretty ashamed, because I knew that I was bringing down my team due to these matchups.
Game 1
I start with Deftblade Elite and I quickly pump it and I use it to remove his Seeker of the Way before he is able to use it to start to gain life. However I’m too slow due to the fact that the Elite doesn’t have Heroic and so isn’t able to get big as fast as my other creatures and can get blocked by Thraben Inspectors that are more than happy to die to slow me down. He fills his board with flying creatures and then finishes me with Rally the Peasants.
Game 2
I have a fast start with Akroan Skyguard and I’m able to pump it until it gets quite big and also I’m able to deal some nice damage… but then he starts filling the board with birds that are always ready to chump block me, while putting me on a clock. He then switches to Prismatic Strands, preventing me from going for the kill with those and blocks me until he is able to finish me off.

Gianluca won 2-1 against Affinity
Enrico lost 0-2 against UB Faeries
The final results of the match were 1 win – 2 losses

1 win – 3 losses

Match 5 vs Wall Combo
The last matcu was really goliardic as both teams were 100% out of the top4 and were only there to have fun and joke a lot.
Game 1
I start strong with my Lagonna-Band Trailblazer and I enchant it with various auras while he starts filling his board with Walls. He has an explosive turn where he drops tons of creatures and I think he was setting up for going off the following turn. I think he needed all the pieces he had on the board because he decided to not chump block my Lagonna, feeling safe; I took advantage from my unblocked creature to use my two Karametra’s Blessings as a pump spell and go lethal.
Game 2
He starts setting up his board while I play Akroan Skyguard on turn 2, followed by double Ethereal Armor and a Sentinel’s Eyes on turn 3, hitting for 11 damages.
He draws his card for his fourth turn and concedes.

Gianluca lost 1-2 against Cycle Storm.
Enrico tied 1-1 against Bogles.
The final results of the match were 1 win – 1 loss – 1 draw

1 win – 3 losses – 1 draw

With this result we placed 13th in the ranking! We were the last ones!
After playing two Bully during the finals of the Pauper League and seeing how I was powerless against them it felt really bad to meet this deck two more times during this tournament even worse as I was bringing my team down with these losses.

This tournament didn’t go well at all… but stay tuned for the single player one! The report will come out on Wednesday! 

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