Commander Boxing League 6 – Final Week

Hi everyone and welcome to the final week of the sixth Commander Boxing League of our group!

After the end of the previous week (click here to read how it went), each of us has chosen another set to get six additional booster packs from and added the cards we found inside them to our pool of cards.

For my Booster Packs I decided to go with Battle for Zendikar, trying to support the land theme a bit more. I didn’t find much and so I still went with Radha.

You can click here to see the decklist.

Giovanni kept playing his Slimefoot, the Stowaway while Gianluca decided to went back to Numot.

We started playing, each of us trying to get two games to win this week and take two points home.

I focus completely on Slimefoot because he is the only one of the two that can steal the victory from me. He starts with Sol Ring so I have to set up a race really fast. We both fill our board and I set mine up to gain life as I don’t want to risk being pinged down to death by Slimefoot’s ability.
Slimefoot casts Horobi and I have to stop using my ability to avoid having my creature destroyed; luckily I’m able to use Horobi’s own ability to kill him and remove this problem. Numot hits the field and uses Boom//Bust to destroy all lands. I’m able to find some lands but Numot continuously attacks and uses its ability to remove them.
Numot with this has the game in his hands and knocks out both of us.

I start with Werewolf Pack Leader on turn 2 followed by Radha the turn right after. I also cast Delina but she gets removed immediately. I decide then to cast Red Dragon and I start using it to put pressure on Slimefoot. Numot enters the battlefield and with Pyrohemia starts getting rid of both our creatures and our lands, however Slimefoot removes it.
I cast Radha to try to finish off Slimefoot but Numot steals her with Legerdemain. I get her back with Hunter’s Mark and use her to kill Radha with an attack. I’m left alone against Numot, who wins easily by destroying my lands while continuously attacking me.

Numot took both the games really fast and I wonder if Gianluca would have been able to win the whole league if he kept him for the whole duration of it… or if he was able to win so easily this week because me and Giovanni were only focusing on each other.

By winning the week, Gianluca got 2 points in the ranking.

This is the ranking after the final week:
Raven: 5 points.
Gianluca: 4 points
Giovanni: 3 points.

After the end of the final week I was the one with more points and so I won the League!

Stay tuned because the next one will arrive soon!


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