Flare – Chp. 1

Title: Flare
Author: Fatal
Artist: Hyde

During the year 2995, on a far planet (Kepler186-F), citizens of FARAGON village are forced to live under a cruel tyranny. People are subject to ruthless laws and every mistake is paid with life. Every day the inhabitants wake up and they do not know whether that dawn will be their last one. Freedom is slowly turning into a sad memory for the elderly… while young people have no idea of ​​what being free means! But maybe FARAGON still has a source of salvation: FLARE!!!

The first chapter of the manga slowly introduces us to the general starting situation: a tyranny ruining the lives of the peoples of Faragon and the effects it has on the people living there.

It might be a bit confusing at the beginning because there are a lot of things happening, but more information is given little by little, and so the more you are going on the more things will start to be clearer.

It seems that some type of fighting tournament is going to take place in Faragon, but unfortunately we don’t get to know much about it in this first chapter.

In the final frames we have an event that will probably move the story versus what will be some kind of rebellion in Faragon but also for this we will need to read the next chapters to know more about.

The story seems promising and I want to know how it’s going to continue!

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