“Don’t worry, my superfriends! I am your shield!”: my Pramikon, Sky Rampart EDH deck

Hi everyone and welcome to another post about one of my personal EDH decks. This time I will talk about my Pramikon Supefriend deck!

Those of you that read my post for a long time may remember that almost a year ago I built a Pramikon Superfriend deck for my Commander Exercise series; well, this is an upgraded version of that deck. I really had fun testing the Commander Exercise that I decided to take the deck and build it as one of my own, while removing all the limiters I had from the series.

Pramikon’s ability reduces the number of players that can attack our Planeswalkers, making it more easy to protect, especially if we are able to create a lock with it, preventing all the attacks.

Pramikon’s ability makes it really important who the players near us are; we are going to use it to decide who can attack us and protect our Planeswalkers from our opponents, even create a lock on the table, completely blocking the attacks thanks to the other cards in our deck.
One of the fastest ways to block a superfriend deck is usually by attacking their Planeswalkers more than direct removals and so conditioning the combat with Pramikon is a good way to protect our pieces.

Tha main plan of the deck is to set up a lock with Pramikon and another card that can emulate its ability and then starts gaining advantage with our Planeswalkers’ abilities and use their ultimates to grind for the win.

You can click here to see the full decklist.

Most of the ramps pieces are simple mana rocks but there are some that deserve a little talk.
Dockside Extortionist on its own is already a really powerful card but in this deck it can shine even more thanks to some blink shenanigans we have, giving us the possibility to produce infinite Treasure with it.
With the majority of our permanents being Legendary, Mox Amber becomes a niece piece to have around as we can drop it for free and start producing mana with it; the only downside is that in a starting hand it could be a dead card in the first few turns.
Nothing prohibits a Planeswalker to be tapped… it’s only unusual to see as it won’t affect them in any way. However with Honor-Worn Shaku we can tap them to untap it and produce mana; yes, it’s uncolored but it is still mana that we can produce basically for free.

Blink & Copy
The easiest ways to create a lock with Pramikon are by blinking it and changing its direction or copying it and creating a lock on the table. To create the lock is really simple: you only need two Pramikon pointing in two different directions.
Between the various blinking spells Deadeye Navigator is the best as it is repeatable and let us change Pramikon’s “direction” whenever we want; we can also pair it with Dockside Extortionist and go infinite if our opponents have at least three artifacts or enchantments on the field.
Mystic Barrier is not a copy spell but it’s basically our Commander on an enchantment while Spark Double is a copy-spell that ignores the legendary rule and that can also copy our Planeswalkers.  
Semester’s End can be used to blink Pramikon and change the direction before the following turn but it is also a really good way to protect our Planeswalkers; it will still reset them to their beginning loyalty +1 and so it could get us farer away from their ultimate, but still better than getting them removed.

This the core of the deck and what will win us games if we are able to protect them in the right way. The majority of them will net us some advantage with their “normal” abilities and put us in the winning position when using their ultimate.
Ours is a game of attrition and so it will be really rare to win on the spot when we get one of our emblems online and most of the game we will try to limit our opponents actions, like with Jace, Unraveler of Secrets or Narset Transcendent‘s emblems, while slowly taking our opponents down with some small damage, like the one from Chandra, Awakened Inferno‘s emblems.
However we also have the possibility to win on the spot by creating infinite hasty Felidar Guardians thanks to the classic combo with Saheeli Ral.

Planeswalkers Support
By playing Jeskai we have access to the best Oath spell for our Planeswalker: Oath of Teferi; basically a Chain Veil without downside or activation cost.
Oath of Jace lets us manipulate our top deck while Oath of Gideon is nice to give a bit more Loyalty to our Planeswalker when they enter the battlefield.
Loyalty is both the life of our Planeswalkers and what we use to pay for their ultimates, so having other methods to increase it is nice: Flux Channeler will proliferate each time we play a noncreature spell while Deepglow Skate will straight up double the loyalty of our planeswalkers, letting us do all our ultimates right away.
We also have the Chain Veil in this deck and despite it having an activation cost it can be tutored by Tezzeret the Seeker and also untapped by him! If we have mana to use the Chain Veil we can continuously untap it with Tezzeret, letting us use all our Planeswalkers’ ability multiple times… with infinite mana we can also go infinite on this.

Most of the card advantage comes from our Planeswalkers and so we are going to use our spells mostly to look out for them. Arena Rector is less efficient then the others due to the fact that we don’t have a way to kill it if we have a lock online, but it is always nice to have in the 99 of a Planeswalkers deck.

Different staple removals in our colors. We are going a bit heavier on wrath effects because, as stated before, if we want to use the ultimate abilities of our Planeswalker we have to avoid attacks… and what better ways then removing all the creatures from the field?
Pramikon is a fundamental piece of our strategy so wraths like Promise of Loyalty and Slaughter the Strong that let us keep it are really nice.
Urza’s Ruinous Blast is a really powerful way to remove tons of permanents from the board, while saving our Planeswalkers.  

Protecting both our lock and our Planeswalkers is fundamental to keep control of the game. Planeswalkers usually cost much more than other cards so it will be harder for us to recover after a complete board wipe. To prevent from being wiped we run these two cards.

Not much here as it is a classic Jeskai mana base and the only utility lands are Interplanar Beacon and Karn’s Bastion. The Beacon can fix our mana and also give us a bit of life while the Bastion can proliferate to increase the Loyalty of all our Planeswalkers.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that some of you will try Pramikon as a Superfriend Commander instead of one of the usual one.
I think that there are a lot of Commanders that don’t scream an affinity to a certain archetype while they can be really good when leading that type of deck and Pramikon is one of them in my opinion. Let’s continue to explore and find many more awesome combinations!

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