Peter Archer – Rath and Storm

Title: Rath and Storm
Author: Peter Archer
Year: 1998
Goodreads page: Link

Gerrard’s Legacy
A collection of powerful magical artifacts is the only defense against the forces of evil that are arrayed against Dominaria. Gerrard, the heir to the Legacy, together with Sisay, captain of the flying ship Weatherlight, has sought out many parts of the Legacy.
Gerrard’s Quest
Sisay has been kidnapped by Volrath, ruler of the plane of Rath. Gerrard stands at a crossroads. His companion is in danger, the Legacy may be lost forever. Only he — with the loyal crew of the Weatherlight — can rescue Sisay and recover the Legacy.
(from Goodreads)

This book is the perfect starting point for anyone that wants to know better the stories of the original Weatherlight crew. It is basically a single adventure of the crew but it also narrates a bit about the past of each member and how they got to get aboard the Weatherlight.

I really liked that the story is written as a master narrating it to his student and this also helps bring to life some cute interludes between the various chapters of the main plot.

I generally liked the book but the fact that it was written by multiple authors was really noticeable as the writing style completely changes sometimes. This enforces the fact that every part is narrated by a different character but it also ends up influencing the reader as some of the writing styles are much better than the others for the fantasy genre.

Speaking about writing style, I hated that Graven’s part is that chaotic. He is a really interesting character but the battle in his part wasn’t handled really well, adding a lot of confusion to the scenes. Too bad as I think that there was much to say about this character.

Still, apart from these small flaws, the book was really a nice read and I think it is perfect to start to get to know the members of the Weatherlight, even if it happens to be one of their latest adventures.


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