Road to Paupergeddon Milano 2022 1 @ Magman (02/11/2021)

Paupergeddon is one of the biggest Pauper events here in Italy! To get ready for it our local League organized four tournaments! The winners of each tournament will also get the possibility to join the finals where they will battle for a free entry to Paupergeddon Milano 2022!

After playing Heroic for many tournaments, I wanted to have a change of pace and play something else. I decided to join the tournament with a Grixis Wildfire Curve. It’s a control deck that bases its game plan on filling the graveyard while controlling the board with counters and removal and then closes the game thanks to Serpentine Curve.
You can click here to see the decklist.

For this first tournament there were 17 players. We started playing the four Swiss rounds that composed the tournament.

Match 1 vs Dimir Faeries
Game 1
I have a good start where I’m able to control the game but then I end up not finding enough card draw to keep up with him, especially when he is able to play a protected Thorn of the Black Rose. With all the cards drawn from the Monarch he is able to put me on a clock with the faeries while also keeping himself open to protect them, winning the game.
Game 2
I had a better start with enough card draw and answers to his board to move to a late game where I’m basically looking for the right cards to close the game while keeping him in check. He tries to play an unexpected Archaeomancer and I counter it to not let him recover a card from the graveyard. He plays another Archaeomancer and with it bait me in a counter war. I win the war but he gets ahead by casting Reaping the Graves with a storm counter high enough to get all the creatures from his graveyard back to his hand. From this point is all downhill for him as I used a lot of answers in the early game to slow him down and so now he is freely able to play as creatures, getting back more cards from the graveyard. He wins the game by attacking with his creature while keeping me in check with his spells.

0 wins – 1 loss

Match 2 vs Dimir Delver
Game 1
I’m on the draw and, when he starts with a Delver of Secrets, I bolt it as soon as it’s my turn. From that point on I start controlling the board by removing or countering the creatures he is playing with, while at the same time drawing a lot and filling my graveyard. I arrive at the point where I’m a few spells away from having enough power to kill him with Curve. I draw some more on my turn and then I pass to him. He uses most of his mana to cast his third Gurmag, leaving himself open for a counter. I try to counterspell it, hoping to bait the counter and he falls into my trap: he taps out and counters my spell. On my turn thanks to that interaction I have the 19th instant/sorcery in my graveyard and so I’m able to cast a Serpentine Curve that puts on the field a 20/20 Fractal Token. I only need to Fling it to win the first game.
Game 2
He has a slower start then the first game so I’m able to preserve my cards for the later game. I try ramping off early with a Cleansing Wildfire but he counters it. I’m tapped out and he takes the chance to drop a Thorn of the Black Rose. He gets the Monarch and starts drawing a really nice amount of cards. He is able to control me a bit and fills the board with enough creatures to put me on a nice clock. Despite this I’m able to get enough spells in the graveyard to have the possibility of creating a token big enough to kill him, especially after by forcing him to pay 4 life for a Snuff Out when I played one of the tokens earlier. He plays a creature, putting enough power on the board to kill me the next turn and so I try to make him tap out by baiting a counter with a Cast Down on his most powerful creature. He takes the bait and again I begin my turn with him tapped out; I’m again able to win by playing a Serpentine Curve big enough to kill him with a fling.

1 win – 1 loss

Match 3 vs Affinity
Game 1
I keep him in check by using removals on his Disciple of the Vault and by countering his Atog. He is able to play a Myr Enforcer that puts me on a scary clock, especially with all the Galvanic Blast he is throwing at me. I have to cast one of my Serpentine Curves to act as a blocker. It is only a 12/12 at the moment but when I’m also able to remove his blocker and enter for all that damage, he concedes on his turn as he doesn’t find answers to it.
Game 2
The beginning of the game is the same as the first one, with me countering and killing his Disciples and Atogs, using Shenanigans to destroy the Enforcers. I’m drawing a lot and my graveyard is full of cards but I’m not able to find a Serpentine Curve until I have only around 15th cards left in the deck. I counter one of his spells and then I try casting Teachings to find Fling but he is able to counter it. I have to admit that I was pretty damn lucky as, with him tapped out passing to me, I drew the card for my turn… and it’s the Fling! I create a huge token and fling it for the win.

2 wins – 1 loss

Match 4 vs Jeskai Wildfires
Game 1
I was able to get a bit ahead in the first game as he wasn’t understanding what I was playing as he was only seeing me draw a lot, countering his spell and destroying his creatures without doing anything to threaten his life.
I try to draw a lot with Frantic Inventory, while having the other two in the graveyards but we enter on a counterwar on this card draw. Luckily I’m able to win it, drawing three and also leaving him tapped out. I’m able to create a 10/10 that starts putting him in danger. He spends his turn putting up some blockers and I’m able to make him tap out again when I try to remove some of them. This lets me safely play another token on my turn. He decides that he isn’t able to resolve this situation and concedes.
Game 2
After understanding my general gameplan he starts playing a lot more control, turning the table and forcing me to tap out so he can cast his creatures, hard casting even two Mulldrifter and putting me on a clock. I try to drop some of the tokens but he is always ready with the Pyroblast. I’m not able to resolve the situation and with some small attacks he wins the game.
Game 3
We had five minutes before the turns after the end of game 2; both our decks wouldn’t totally be able to close the game in this little time, especially in this match up and so we decided to draw.

2 wins – 1 loss – 1 draw

With this result I ended up placing 9th out of the 17th players; I had the same points of the one that got fifth but I got a lower rating and so I ended up being the last one amongst the players at 7 points.
Surely I liked playing this deck and so I think I might continue trying it out even in future tournaments. The meta this time was full of Goblin Combo and Dimir Decks; I expected much more affinity but I think that the one I played against was the only one in the room.
The second tournament of the Road to Paupergeddon Milano 2022 will be in a month! So stay tuned!


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