Ludevesh: Angelo’s Ludevic x Tevesh Centurion Deck

Hi everyone! If you have recently read my blog you know that last Sunday took place the first Centurion Event of my region.

If you have read the report of the event you also know that I promised a small post about the winning deck… and so here I am! Be ready to know better the deck that my friend Angelo piloted to win this first Centurion Tournament of our area: the partners Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist and Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools!

Ludevic x Tevesh is a Control deck that focuses on countering the opponents’ plans, until setting up a powerful draw engine that will give to the pilot the full control of the game. This aforementioned draw engine are the commanders themselves that will start refilling our hand with spells to stop our opponents.

Ludevic will give us that extra draw to refill our hand and he is also a really nice blocker for the format as not many creatures are able to overcome a toughness of 4 in the early phases of the game. Against certain decks however we might also not want to cast him as his ability can also let our opponent draw if he is able to damage himself… luckily we also have Tevesh.
Tevesh is the real pivot of the deck that will both generate blockers and let us draw (giving also the possibility to sacrifice Ludevic if our opponents are starting to use his ability against us). Tevesh’s ultimate also can act as a win condition for the deck!

After setting up our draw engine we can start looking for our win condition while always having enough answers to keep our opponent in check. The deck has some direct win condition in the emblems of Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Jace the Mind Sculptor but it can also win via combat thanks to Murkitde Regent or with a small grinding of the other much smaller creature and burn spells.
Another really important card is Geyadrone Dihada: the life gain from this Planeswalker will let us survive better to the more aggressive deck and the ultimate, kinda similar to Tevesh’s one, is another way to win games.

The huge card advantage this deck is able to produce makes it one of the best performant ones of the format as it ensures to always have answers for our opponents’ game plans.
It’s a really powerful deck and enjoyable to play (not so much to play against though) but it still requires an expert pilot that has to know how and when to use his resources as even a single error might result in seeing our plan folding. For example, letting a dangerous enchantment to be played will most probably result in a loss because, in this color combination, it’s a type of permanent that is really hard to deal with.

The deck is also really customizable based on your own preferences of spells and your meta; like in a meta with a lot of control Ashiok, Dream Render is an option that should be considered.

If you like the idea of playing a really competitive deck with a steep but rewarding learning curve (and annoy a lot of your opponents) this is the deck that might be the deck you are looking for!
If I got you intrigued you can check out the full decklist by clicking here.

More Centurion lists are coming soon! So stay tuned!

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