Burning Kabaddi

Title: Burning Kabbadi
Original Title: 灼熱カバディ
Episodes: 12
Year: 2021
Studio: TMS Entertainment

Tatsuya Yoigoshi, a once nationally recognized soccer player, is now a first-year student at Noukin High School. Due to his developed hatred for sports, he has abandoned his previous aspirations to become a famous livestreamer on the internet. One day, Souma Azemichi, a first-year on the kabaddi team, seeks to recruit Yoigoshi and spontaneously interrupts his livestream.
Without any expectations, Yoigoshi follows Souma to the school gym, where he witnesses second-years Kyouhei Misumi and Shinji Date engaged in the primal contact sport of kabaddi. Despite ridiculing the rules of play, Yoigoshi is stunned by the intensity of the round. Because of an enticing deal and slight coercion, he agrees to settle the prospect of his recruitment through the most invigorating way: a battle of kabbadi, a team sport played empty-handed.
(from MyAnimeList)

I totally didn’t know about the existence of this sport and in the beginning I almost thought it was something invented for this anime! Instead it is something that really exists! I will leave the link (click here) to the Wikipedia page if you want to check out some info about Kabbadi.

Despite being a sport that I never heard about, it wasn’t hard following the developments of the various games as the rules are explained well and in a really detailed way.

The story is really nice with exciting games and with a nice growth of each of the characters. It is also really funny with many bizarre and hilarious situations!

A flaw of this anime however is the drawings and the animations: it really gave me the impression of being something fanmade rather than a product from a professional team. The drawings are plain, lacking profundity, and the animation seems to skip some of the frames or to be in a lower number of frames per second compared to other anime.

Still I really enjoyed this first season and I hope that a second one will come soon! This seemed a lot like only an introduction to the sport and the team! I want to see more tournaments and games!


    • I think it might be the same here because the same studio produced also some really high quality anime like Dr. Stone…
      Still it’s pretty enjoyable to watch

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sports anime/manga is usually pretty good stuff. The game itself helps provide a framework so even if the writers aren’t that good, their story is still decent just because of the game 🙂


  1. Kabaddi in India is recognised as a traditional and one of the most popular sports. Kabaddi is played quite extensively all over the country. The game has passed a long way since its inception in India, during the pre-historic period. The Indian people love to play the game very much, as it does not need many kinds of equipments to play. Another reason is that, the game helps one to be physically fit and also teaches about how to defend and attack at the same time.


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