Animal World

Title: Animal World
Original Title: 动物世界
Year: 2018
Running time: 132 minutes
Studio: Tencent Pictures
Directed by: Han Yan

A story revolving around a man forced by circumstances to participate in a mysterious game of survival. Zheng Kai Si has nothing in his name and in order to pay off his debts, he goes aboard a cruise ship as one of the players in a deadly game. It’s a game of lies and deception to outsmart the enemy and emerge victoriously. For the sake of his mother and his childhood friend Liu Qing, Kai Si struggles to survive.

The beginning of the movie is quite confusing and it’s hard to tell where it is headed to; plus one of the conditions of the protagonist make things even more complex and hard to follow.

Luckily things start to get clearer once you reach the part about the ship and the games… or, to say better, the game. I was expecting a series of different games like the various other media of this genre and instead we have a single long game that also remembered of Kakegurui‘s games

The special effects are really cool and the tension is terrifying with amazing twists of events throughout the movie.
The personages are also all well characterized and I really liked the protagonist. There is also an Italian character and I was really surprised to hear my own language being spoken in the movie! Even correctly and without accents!

The movie is really good, however it gave me a sense of incompleteness; there were a lot of thing left unfinished and I think that the story can be developed much more (especially after some of the scene at the beginning of the movie that are still left without an explanation, acting only as a confounding element in this movie); luckily, after the last scene of this movie, it seems that a sequel will arrive soon or later and I found out it will come out in December of this year! Let’s hope for a great sequel!

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