Road to Paupergeddon Milano 2022 2 @ Magman (07/12/2021)

Paupergeddon is one of the biggest Pauper events here in Italy! To get ready for it our local League organized four tournaments! The winners of each tournament will also get the possibility to join the finals where they will battle for a free entry to Paupergeddon Milano 2022!

This was the second tournament and, after the phase where I decided to play Curve in the least one, I went back to Heroic. I did some minor changes to it to adapt it better to my local meta and to substitute some underperforming cards.
In the main deck I only replace the two Homestead Courage left with a Defiant Strike and a Karametra’s Blessing. Homestead really acted as a “win more” card where it was resulting really strong only in a position where I was already winning and so I decided to replace it with some more protection and that extra card draw that is always nice.
In the side I removed the two Journey to Nowhere that were some cards that I found myself rarely siding in and a single Standard Bearer; instead I put in one more Cathar Commando for Affinity and two Faerie Macabre for decks like Goblin Combo and Jeskai Wildfire. I wasn’t really sure about the Faerie but I ended up siding them in in three matches of four, so it was a good call.
You can click here to see the decklist.

We were 15 players as we unfortunately get some last minute drop. The tournament was composed of four Swiss rounds.

Match 1 vs Cascade Tron
Game 1
I started with the Lagonna-Band Trailblazer and as soon as I saw the first Tron land I decide that I had to go really fast and I started dropping all my Auras on to my creature, fearing that I would have been soon stalled by fog effects or by having my combat skipped.
Luckily he doesn’t find any fog and so I’m quickly able to close the game with him only casting one of his mana rocks.
Game 2
I sided in the two Faerie Macabre and I keep a slower hand only because I found one of them in it… but I soon realized that it ended up not being a really good idea and why I didn’t see any Moment’s Peace in Game 1: he wasn’t playing regular Tron but a version with big creatures with Cascade! Really spicy!
I dropped a Vault Skirge on turn 1 and this was my slow play that instead saved me the game; in fact the lifelink from it was what let me survive what arrived soon after. He assembled Tron and started dropping big creatures with Cascade, like Maelstrom Colossus, that dropped even more big creatures on the field. I was able to stay alive and survive thanks to a clutch Ethereal Armor that made my Vault Skirge into a big 14/14 with all the keywords from the other Auras. This put him on the defensive but he is still looking for answers and casts three Weather the Storm in a row. This put the both of us around 70 life! That was crazy! I was able to win only because with Cascade and the other cards he was drawing a lot and he didn’t have ways to reshuffle his graveyard into the deck! I was also lucky he didn’t have any real answer to my board state and so I was able to win when he tried to draw with an empty deck.

1 win – 0 losses

Match 2 vs Goblin Combo
Game 1
He mulligans down to four while I keep a single land hand but with potential to be lethal really quick. However I’m not able to find a second land and this slows me down enough to let him assemble his combo, with some lucky draws, right before the turn where I would finish the game.
Game 2
Again I side in the two Faerie Macabre.
I keep a powerful hand that however gets slowed down a lot by a turn 1 Duress that removes my Ethereal Armor. I’m able to find another one with a lucky draw but he is really fast in this game and closes his combo almost immediately. I didn’t find my side to save me and maybe only with the double Ethereal Armor I would have had a chance to win this game.

1 win – 1 loss

Match 3 vs Burn
Game 1
I start with a Benevolent Bodyguard to which I quickly give Protection from Red with Benevolent Blessing making it my main beater. I put it at one attack from winning while I’m still at 17 life. He has three mountains and a Kessing Flamebreather on the field. He starts with a Reckless Impulse, dealing me one damage with the Flamebreather but luckily he doesn’t find a land. He tries with Needle Drop and this time it finds it. He casts Skewer the Critics with this last mana and then sacrifices all his lands for a double Fireblast… 17 Damages in a single turn!
Game 2
I side in the four Lifelink and the Freewind Falcon
I keep a really risky hand with only one lands but that, if I’m able to find the second one I will ensure myself a victory thanks to having both Freewind Falcon and Lifelink in it… plus also an Ethereal Armor. However I got punished and the second lands never arrived and I got burned to death.

1 win – 2 losses

Match 4 vs Jeskai Wildfire
Game 1
I started with a Skirge and expecting it to be soon targeted with a Galvanic Blast, I decided to slow down a bit and keep myself open to protect him with Karametra’s Blessing. This pays off because the Blast arrives but I’m able to protect and then I grow my Skirge out of the range.
He isn’t able to find pieces to block me soon enough and so I’m able to take this first game home.
Game 2
I sided, again, the two Faeries and two Freewind Falcon.
I have a strong start with the Trailblazer but after a few hits he is able to block me by putting Archaeomancer in front of my attacker and using Ephemerate before the damage. I’m able to exile the Ephemerate thanks to the Faeries but he has another one in hand. With this is able to lock me and quickly puts up a cycle where he is able to hit me to the face with a Galvanic Blast, winning the game.
Game 3
I’m again able to start with a Trailblazer but after my first two auras, which one gets removed by a Dawnbringer Cleric, I start drawing only more creatures and lands. I’m able to still dish in some damage thanks to Deftblade Elite that takes away some of the blockers but soon it starts making me skip my combat phases with Stonehorn Dignitary. He tries to set up a lock with Archaeomancer and Ephemerate but I’m ready with a Faeries to block it… unfortunately he has another one in hand that uses to flicker the Archaeomancer getting back both the Emphemerate in the next turn. If he had only one I could have hoped to recover from this by drawing the other Faerie… but with two it was impossible to get out of the lock where he was going to make me skip all my combat phases. I conceded.

1 win – 3 losses

It was almost two month (from Radio Atog) that I wasn’t playing Heroic and so I felt a bit rusty and I think it really showed in the result of this tournament. I ended up being 13th but I was satisfied that my edits to the side turned out to be useful.
I like Heroic and I want to play it more and more to always become better with it. Yesterday I was pretty frustrated after the tournament because I felt like I made many wrong decisions while playing and ended up performing badly due to my fault only.

The third tournament of the Road to Paupergeddon Milano 2022 will be in a month, at the beginning of 2022, but I’m probably going to skip it for family reasons! However I will join the fourth one in February! So stay tuned!

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