My Love Story!!

Title: My Love Story!!
Original Title: 俺物語!!
Year: 2015
Running time: 105 minutes
Directed by: Kawai Hayato

Gouda Takeo is a freshman in high school. (Both estimates) Weight: 120kg, Height: 2 meters. He spends his days peacefully with his super-popular-with-girls, yet insensitive childhood friend, Sunakawa. One morning, on the train to school, Takeo saves a girl, Yamato, from being molested by a pervert. Could this be the beginning of spring for Takeo?
(from MyDramaList)

I remember loving the anime and so I was really curious about the live-action adaptation!

My Love Story!!, also known as Ore Monogatari!!, is an extremely cute love story that however is full of absurd and hilarious moments, mostly generated by the exuberant protagonist.
Speaking about the protagonist, Takeo is perfect! Identical to the anime version!

The story is faithful to the anime even if some of the events are stretched to make them last as the full movie. In fact the movie covers only a part of the story viewed in the anime but, I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t disappointed by this; for me the part portrayed in the movie is the best and so I was fully satisfied with having only it in the movie! Adapting the whole plot may also have resulted in having to rush tons of the events, so it’s a lot better like this.

The places where the story takes place are also identical to the original ones! They really did an amazing job!
The comedy of the series also is the same in the live action; nothing was lost with the change from drawings to real actors!

A romantic comedy that will crack you up with a clean humor and that will move you with some really cute scenes! Totally recommended if you like the genre!


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