32 EDH Decks Project 4 – Red: Delina, Wild Mage

Hi everyone and welcome to the series on my blog where I will try to complete my 32 EDH Decks Project.
For those who don’t know it, the 32 EDH Decks is a popular challenge amongst Commander Deck Builders where you have to build a deck for colorless, mono-colored and each of the color combinations.

Today we will continue with Red and between the four Commander I give you the possibility to choose on my Instagram, the most voted was Delina, Wild Mage.

Delina is a Commander that can create temporary duplicates of our creatures and so we can take advantage of powerful Enter The Battlefield effects as we will be able to repeat them when we create the token copies.

Delina also cares a lot about combat because she will have to attack to create the tokens. Our Commander is fundamental to the strategy of the deck and so we will have to protect her and ensuring that she isn’t taken out in combat is one of the ways. Removals and ways to make her unblockable will be the bread and butter of our attacking strategy.
After having Delina attack freely we will start duplicating our other creatures to generate value and win the game thanks to their Enter the Battlefield effects. Speaking about creating the tokens I would like to point out an errata to Delina: The 15-20 roll has been corrected and now you may roll again and it isn’t mandatory anymore; we will rarely won’t want to create an extra tokens but I think this is a useful thing to know for some really unique situation where creating one more token might go against us.

You can find the full decklist by clicking here.

The ramp is composed of classic mana rocks and creatures that will get us some kind of ramp with their ETBs, like Solemn Simulacrum or Dockside Extortionist.
With the majority of our deck being creatures, Hazoret’s Monument will surely discount a ton of the spells we are going to play and it can also give us some card draw.
Another card that becomes amazing in this deck is Sword of Hearth and Home: getting us a land and flickering a creature is great in a deck like this! Tons of value!

The main section of the deck where we keep all our creatures that will do something for us with their Enter The Battlefield effects.
Most of these will create tokens or stop blockers but some could also become game ending once we start duplicating them, like Fanatic of Mogis or Red Dragon.

Card Advantage
We are running some generally good card advantage spells for red, like Faithless Looting and Jeska’s Will, but we are also going to rely a lot on creatures.
Combustible Gearhulk is probably the MVP here as it will let us draw a lot or deal some nice damage to one of our opponents.

We run a ton of removals because we need to have the battlefield clean to let Delina swing freely, without the risk of being taken out in combat.
As for the card advantage, we also have here some staple spells like Chaos Warp but we are going to rely a lot on our creatures to remove the opponents’ one.
Most of our removals, being in mono red, are damage based ones, but this is also not bad at all because some of them will also let us target our opponents’ life, like Inferno Titan, making it more easy to take them out.

Another way to make sure Delina doesn’t get taken out in combat is to make her unblockable. These cards are what will let us do that but either make her unblockable or by giving her some evasiveness.

As told before, Delina is fundamental to the strategy and so we have to protect her. To make her less inclined to be eliminated by targeted removals we are going to run boots and greaves; they also give her Haste and that’s a really nice way to let us start doing our duplication game as soon as possible.

By playing mono red we can rely on both Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon as ways to lock our opponents and get ahead of them.
Harmonic Prodigy is awesome as it will let us double Delina’s ability, making even more tokens and so accelerating our plan by a lot. Mirage Phalanx kinda works like Delina but it is linked to a single creature but with all these good ETBs it will surely get us some value.
Port Razer is a two cards combo with Delina: the copies will count as a new entity on so we could attack whoever player we want with it and continuously do combat phase until they are able to stop it from dealing damage.

Mountains, Fetchlands and Utility Lands to help our plan even from the mana base.
Access Tunnel, Maze of Ith and Rogue’s Passage are all ways to let Delina attack without the risk of being removed by a blocker; Myriad Landscape and Nykthos are two more extra ways to ramp and get to cast our most powerful spells; being reliant on our Commander, having a land like Command Beacon that will let us avoid the Commander Tax once is really nice in game where it gets removed a lot; Castle Embereth is a way to boost our combat power and War Room is to get a bit more of card advantage.
Last but not least we have Valakut that is not gonna act as one of our wincons, like in many land matters decks, but still, in the deck where we run 23 mountains, is a nice way to remove some pesky blocker or deal some extra damage to our opponents.

Thank you for reading this post and feel free to comment with any improvement you would make to the deck. Let me also know if you decide to build it and try it!

Mono Green will be the next deck! So stay tuned!


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