Right between the eyes!: my Hallar, the Firefletcher EDH deck

Hi everyone and welcome to another post about one of my personal EDH decks. This time I will talk about my Hallar, the Firefletcher deck!

Many new EDH players are coming to my LGS, many of them being beginners with precons, and so I was looking to have a new deck with a lower power level than my usual one; it was thinking about what to build that I saw a picture of Hallar on Instagram and I decided to build it to fill this role amongst my decks.

Hallar is an explosive Commander that has the potential to knock out the whole table with a single shot and cares about Kicker cards. The deck was built with the intent of it having a middle-low power level and so it’s not as fast as it could be and the strategy can be easily disrupted.

The plan of the deck is pretty straightforward: play Hallar, pile up many +1/+1 counters on it and then kick a spell to deal huge damage to the whole table.
The ideal hand is one that will ensure that you will be able to cast Hallar around turn 3 while also having ways to put +1/+1 counters on it. Having cards with Kicker is also important but not fundamental as rarely we will need them at the beginning of the game.

The deck has even a lower cost than my Commander Exercise decks as it comes around 200$.
You can check the full decklist by clicking here.

The ramp is mostly staple cards for these colors but, as you know, I like to put cards useful for the deck strategy even in this role: Skycleave Relic and Vastwood Surge are two ramp cards with kicker while Rishkar, Peema Renegade will put counters on our creatures, letting us ramp with them.
Priest of Titania will not net us the insane amount of mana it usually is able to produce in Elf Tribal deck but here, with Hallar being an elf, is still a mana dork that will give us two mana most of the time, so it’s not too bad.

The cards in this section are the ones that have a kicker ability but doesn’t do anything else to progress with the general plan of the deck. They are basically only triggers for Hallar’s ability.
I will only point out a thing about Emblazoned Golem that many people don’t know or are sure if it’s possible: you can kick it while paying X equal to 0; A spell is “kicked” if its controller declares their intention to pay the kicker cost when casting the spell, and 0 is a valid choice for X, so you can “kick” it by paying 0 in addition to its casting cost.

+1/+1 Counters
These cards are what we are going to use to fill Hallar with counters before the big BOOM! Some of them also have kicker, like Inscription of Abundance, but you have to remember that Hallar’s trigger will resolve before the counters from the spell are put on it.
Bard Class is a way to put a small counter on Hallar but it is really strong to recover a bit faster as reducing the cost of Hallar with the level 2 it will basically act as we are not paying the Commander Tax for one time; The Ozolith is also another cards that will help us recover from a removal on Hallar as it will let us store the counters on it until we are able to recast our Commander.

Card Advantage
We have two types of spells that will give card advantage in this deck: cards that will let us do it with a kicker, like Citanul Woodreaders, or that will draw based on a creature power, like Rishkar’s Expertise; Hallar has the potential to become huge and so we could draw a lot of cards from this type of spells.
Snake Umbra is another really good card that will give us some card advantage; it doesn’t specify combat damage so even the damage coming from Hallar’s ability will give us some cards… and also gives Totem Armor to it, protecting him from a removal.

Again a mix of staple removals and kicker spell.
Hitting lands a lot of times is not seen really well in the community but I still added cards like Goblin Ruinblaster because some lands, like Glacial Chasm, could completely stop us from winning!
Domri’s Ambush take advantage of our Commander getting bigger and bigger to add one more counter on it and remove a creature or a planeswalker via damage; Ram Through does the same (without the counter) but, thanks to Hallar having Trample, the extra damage will be done to our opponents, lot of time resulting in a killing spell!

Our whole strategy rely on Hallar, so we need to be able to protect him and these cards are here for that. We don’t run the Greaves because we need to be able to still target it to put more +1/+1 on it.

Strionic Resonator is a really nice card to have in the deck as it will replicate Hallar’s ability for only two mana and, if Hallar is big enough, this could be enough to knock out the whole table and win the game.

The manabase is a simple Gruul one with utility lands to put more counters on Hallar, like Tyrite Sanctum.
Command Beacon is also here to help us recover if Haller gets removed too many times.

I hope this post will help shed some light on this Commander, that in my opinion is quite underrated, and that some of you will also try building it.


    • As you said, it isn’t combat damage and so it doesn’t count as Commander Damage 🙂 you have to attack their whole life but it’s pretty easy to have Hallar become huge really quickly!

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