My “Streets of New Capenna” Prerelease

Last weekend was Prerelease time and so I rolled down to my LGS to play some Streets of New Capenna sealed!
I wasn’t too hyped for this set as I didn’t get too much into the setting and the cards didn’t feel interesting enough, but I always love the atmosphere at prerelease and so I didn’t want to miss it.

As my pack I decided to get the Obscura one as I wanted to play those colors… but I didn’t get enough good cards in them, while finding a limited bomb like Brokers Ascendency and also Vivien! So I went for a Brokers deck focused on counters and creatures.

You can find my deck by clicking here.

We were only 10 players and the tournament began after the announcement that there will be three matches.

Match 1 vs Cabaretti Tokens
Game 1
I’m able to drop my Broker Ascendency really early but he is faster than me in developing a wider board. The game is stalled with both of us being not able to attack our opponents without then being killed back from them the turn right after and so I’m not able to go in despite my massive creature. I don’t have a flying creature and so he is able to slowly ping me until I’m too low on life to be able to survive his attack and he wins the game.
Game 2
He has an amazing start by chaining Jinnie Fay into two Big Score, netting some good card advantage and quickly filling the board of dog tokens. He also has some removals in hand to destroy my blockers and quickly knocks me out!

0 wins – 1 loss

Match 2 vs Riveteers Midrange
Game 1
Really quick game where I dropped a Ledger Shredder, making him grow really big in a few turns and then I use it to start hitting my opponent. I’m able to shut down his attempt of recovering with my removals and in a few turns I’m able to win the game.
Game 2
He is able to stall me a bit at the beginning thanks to Plasma Jockey’s ability but then I play the Brokers Ascendency and with my flying creatures I’m quickly able to start dominating the game. He isn’t able to find removals for my creatures that are getting bigger and bigger and I win the game with a few attacks.

1 win – 1 loss

Match 3 vs WUBR Midrange
Game 1
I had a strong start while he got stuck without finding the right lands to play. He isn’t able to establish a board presence while I’m playing tons of creatures that quickly give me the game.
Game 2
Until now I thought to be against a Maestro deck that underperformed in the first game… but it had actually also a white splash to play cool cards like Queza and Toluz. He tries to apply pressure from the beginning with a Maestros Diabolist; I resist but without being able to start turning the tide. I find Vivien too late and when I use her +1 end up milling myself four lands and finding only a single creature. I’m not able to recover from this as I’m on a fast clock dictated both from my deck that is ending and the attack of my opponents and so I decided to concede to go to the third game
Game 3
We both fill our board and stall each other out my wratting or targeting our opponent’s creature until he is able to drop Lord Xander. Luckily I’m empty handed and so I end up not losing any cards from him entering but still he is able to hit me and mill half of my deck. I top deck the perfect removal for Xander and I shut him down with a Witness Protection. I also find Brokers Ascendency and with it I turn the tide of the game, with my creatures getting bigger and bigger and overwhelming him with some powerful attacks.

2 wins – 1 loss

After the last match I was at six points and so I ended up ranking 4th, with the same point of the second but I had a lower rating.
The deck was good and I’m liking the limited meta of this set. I hope I will be able to join a draft too!

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