“Right between the eyes!”‘s update after Streets of New Capenna

Streets of New Capenna finally hit the shelfs of your LGS and so it is also time to show you the changes I made to my decks with these new cards!

My Hallar also got some brand new cards from Streets of New Capenna as counters was one of the archetypes of the set.

You can find the previous post about this deck by clicking here.

While by clicking here you can find the updated decklist.

+ Fight Rigging, – Biogenic Upgrade
Fight Rigging is a nice way to add more counters on Hallar while also netting a small card advantage. I decided to put it in, replacing Biogenic Upgrade because the latter was really good to put a nice amount of counters but a lot of time it arrived at a point of the game where they totally were too much.

+ Cabaretti Courtyard, Racers’ Ring, Riveteers Overlook; – 2 Forest, 1 Mountain
New Capenna surely brought some really cheap lands that work really well in fixing our mana while thinning out our deck or giving us a way to make some card advantage later on. I decided to add all of those lands that were good for Hallar while replacing some basics.

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