WIXOSS: Boxes and Rarities

Welcome to another chapter of my little Beginner’s Guide to WIXOSS!

In this post we are going to take a look at the rarities of the various cards and how hard it is to find a card of a certain rarity in a booster.

I think that this is some kind of important info to have as, after getting your starter deck, buying booster and booster is the next step to start improving your WIXOSS deck and get it to be more unique. In fact you can find more cards to enrich your decks and the LRIG that will let you change your center to another one of your starting team.

To start, I got two different boxes with my first deck (a Changing Diva and a Glowing Diva one) and they gave me a nice base to start personalizing my deck. I got my boxes from Tokyo Anime World Champion and I totally recommend them to you; they were super helpful in guiding me in my first purchases for this new game. Also, until the end of May, you can use the code “hellotokyo” to get a 5% discount if you spend more than 99.90€.

Let’s start by talking about Boosters, Boxes and Cases: each booster contains 8 cards, with each box containing 20 boosters and each case containing 12 boxes.

You have to take a look to the bottom right corner of the card; there you can find a small abbreviation that will tell you the rarity of the card. Here is a small scheme of the rarities with their abbreviations and their rate of appearance.

CommonC4-5 in each booster
RareR1-4 in each booster
LRIG RareL1-4 in each booster
PiecePI1-3 in each box.
Super RareSR4-6 in each box.
SecretSCROnly one in each box.
Diva RareDiRExtremely Rare! You find about one in every case, but it is not guaranteed!
??????Even rarer than a DiR, this are incredibly rare to find! You got one? You hit the Jackpot!
Starter DeckSTUsually you cannot find this in booster but only in the Starter Decks.
PromoPRThese are the Promo cards that you can get from Promo Packs or by participating/winning events

In each booster you will find 8 cards that are subdivided as follows: 4 common cards, 3 cards in a combination of Rare and LRIG Rare and the last one is a special slot.
The special slot can contain: a foil Common, a foil Rare, a foil LRIG Rare, a Piece, a Super Rare, a Secret or a Diva Rare.
In a Box there will be only a combination of 7 Piece or Super Rare cards with pieces going from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of three and the rest being all Super Rare Cards.
In a single Box you will be able to find only a single Secret or a DiR; so, if you have already found one of these two, you won’t be able to find another. Also these cards are also available as Rare cards and these extra rare cards have only esthetical purposes, if compared with their regular ones.

This was a general explanation of how rarities work in WIXOSS.
In the next post we are going to take a look at an example of how I upgraded my first deck with the cards I found in the boxes!


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