Road to Paupergeddon Milano 2023 – Season 1, Stage 1

Paupergeddon is one of the biggest Pauper events here in Italy! To get ready for it our local League organized four tournaments! The winners of each tournament will also get the possibility to join the finals where they will battle for a free entry to Paupergeddon Milano 2023!

This was the first tournament of this new league and I decided to bring my Teachings deck for a spin, after making some changes to it to adapt it more to the meta I thought I would find.
You can click here to see the decklist.

We were 7 players and the tournament was composed of four Swiss rounds.

Match 1 vs Golgari Pestilence
Game 1
He has a strong discard game that quickly forces me to the top deck. I’m still able to keep enough cards in hand thanks to him flooding a bit and so I’m able to have enough time to refill my hand a bit. However he is able to draw a lot and I’m able to resist his clock thanks to Pristine Talisman. Still he is able to empty my hand again and I also flood a bit with my lands and so, when he finds me without cards, he casts two Bayou Groff and a Gurmag Angler and kills me in two turns.
Game 2
Game 1 really lasted a lot of time and so when I reached this second game I didn’t have time to close it and we reached the turns without me being able to close the game and so I ended up losing the match.

0 wins – 1 loss

Match 2 vs Elves
Game 1
I mulligan down to four and he also has a really strong start and so, without enough cards to stop him, I get easily overwhelmed and he closes me by flooding the board with elves.
Game 2
I have a much better start despite mulligan down to six. He fills his board with Elves but this time I’m able to clean it with Suffocating Fumes when he overextends and then gaining back tons of life with Crypt Incursion. He decided to concede when he saw me with a full hand while his board was empty.
Game 3
I mulligan down to six and despite this I got stuck without drawing lands while he dropped a double Priest of Titania, followed by double Elvish Vanguard. He fills my board and continues to attack me, bringing me to the bring of death. I only need one extra land to be able to cast both Suffocating Fumes and Echoing Truth on the two Vanguard… but I found one that enters tapped and he closes me the turn right after with another big attack.

0 wins – 2 losses

Match 3 vs Bye

1 win – 2 losses

Match 4 vs Dimir Faeries
Game 1
I start with a Talisman that gets immediately countered, but luckily I have the second one in hand that let me counter a race from the small faeries. I go full control and abuse of Lose Focus to get around its counter and stay in control of the game. I have a really slow race of 1 damage per turn but it’s enough to win the game with my control game after I’m able to get much ahead.
Game 2
I have a normal game but he is able to drop a protected Gurmag that I’m not able to counter. I have some removals but they are all edicts and he always has someone to sacrifice instead of Gurmag. He starts hitting me with it and I’m not able to find any Cast Down before he is able to knock me out.
Game 3
We didn’t even start the third game as we didn’t have enough time. I simply conceded to him, because he is a friend, he had a much better result than me and I preferred to give him the extra points.

1 win – 3 losses

This tournament didn’t go well… I was both pretty unlucky (especially in the second match) but also I didn’t feel like I played optimally.
I ended up being last with these points, however this is only the first tournament of the League, so there are still many tournaments to try to get back on track!

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