32 EDH Decks Project 7 – Azorius: Bruna, Light of Alabaster

Hi everyone and welcome to the series on my blog where I will try to complete my 32 EDH Decks Project.
For those who don’t know it, the 32 EDH Decks is a popular challenge amongst Commander Deck Builders where you have to build a deck for colorless, mono-colored and each of the color combinations.

We are finally starting with the two colors combinations as today we are going to do Azorius! Between the four Commander I give you the possibility to choose on my Instagram, the most voted was Bruna, Light of Alabaster!

Bruna clearly opens up the way to an Aura themed deck and with her ability tries to put a patch on the two weaknesses that Auras got when compared to Equipment: they go to the graveyard together with the creature they are enchanting and they are really hard to move between creatures once casted.

Bruna’s ability to move all the Aura onto her when she attacks or blocks makes her a really effective commander for a Voltron deck based on this type of Enchantment.

The deck main plan is generally the same: spend the first turns casting your other utility creatures and aura until you’re able to cast Bruna… and then start hitting hard with our fully enchanted Commander.
What is going to change is which Auras we are going to tutor each game: against opponents that are leaning more versus a battlecruiser style, we are going to start to look as soon as possible for one of the “mini combo” we have in the deck that will let us not lose via damage/combat; against decks that aren’t so focused on Combat at that tend to become more dangerous later on, we will try to get down our most powerful aura as soon as possible to try close the game before they are able to set up.

You can find the full decklist by clicking here.

Really nothing special about the ramp, only some mana rock, creatures that discount the cost enchantments and Smothering Tithe to try to unleash our Commander as soon as possible and fill her with auras.

This section contains the general auras that will simply give a power up to our Commander. Most of them will try to give her raw power thanks to the synergies between Auras, like All that Glitter, others that will make our Commander unblockable or give some really nice keywords, like Steel of the Godhead.
These cards are what we are going to use to give Bruna enough power to knock out our opponents.

Card Advantage
The Card Advantage of the deck, apart from staples or enchantress effects like Mesa Enchantress or Kor Spiritdancer, is composed from various cards that will let us tutor for more Auras to power up our creatures; these tutors are quite important as, as I said in the intro, we can decide the pace and style of our game by choosing which Auras to play.
Light-Paws is one of the most valuable tutors as it will get us an extra aura each cast; it doesn’t mind that they will be attached to Light-Paws as we are going to move it when we attack with Bruna. Another cool tutor is Sovereigns of Lost Alara; we will simply need to attack only with Bruna to give her a free +1/+1 and also tutor and put into play for free for some powerful aura like Eldrazi Conscription.

The interactions of the deck are for the majority staple removals and counterspells, but we also have cards unique to this deck; an example of this is Faith Unbroken, a simple Aura that will give more power to our Commander while also exiling one of our opponents’ creatures upon entering the field.
The wrath package is composed mostly of cards that will keep our Commander alive, like Slash the Ranks and Winds of Rath; our commander can set up quite easily but due to her not being so cheap it’s better if we are able to keep her on the field.

As I just told, it good to have our Commander protected so we don’t have to continuously recast her; luckily there are many auras with cool ability like Totem Armor that will save our Commander from a removal or directly make it indestructible, like Indestructibility, and in these colors we will also have some powerful protection spells like Teferi’s Protection.
Umbra Mystic will give the Totem Armor ability to all our Auras and so making it quite hard to destroy our Commander, especially considering that we will get back the aura we sacrificed when attacking or blocking with Bruna.
In the intro I talked about “mini-combos” that will let us not lose via damage/combat; to assemble this combo we will need to have an aura that makes our creature indestructible and Entangler, to block all the attacks directed at us, or Pariah to absorb all the damage.

Helm of the Gods is a nice equipment that will give the equipped creature a boost for each enchantment we control and so it is a nice way to give more power to Bruna.
Mirror-Mad Phantasm is instead a way to potentially self-mill ourselves for a lot of cards; all the auras going to the graveyard can be recovered by our Commander and so a big mill can give us enough cards to unleash a game ending attack against one of our opponents.

Apart from lands that are here only for mana and Eiganjo and Otawara that are basically some evergreen goodstuff, we also have some other utility lands that will help in our plan.
Command Beacon is an awesome way to avoid paying the Commander Tax once it starts costing too much, while Hall of Heliod’s Generosity will let us recover an enchantment from the graveyard. The hall could be less useful the usual due to our Commander’s ability to retrieve all the auras on its own, but it is always nice to have as there could be some occasions where our Commander is not available and we desperately need one of the auras in our graveyard.
Unfortunately Bruna doesn’t have Haste but luckily there is Hall of the Bandit Lord that can give it to her and speed up our game.

Thank you for reading this post and feel free to comment with any improvement you would make to the deck. Let me also know if you decide to build it and try it!

Dimir will be the next deck! So stay tuned!

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