Ao Jyumonji – Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash 9: Here and Now, to Far Far Away

Title: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash 9: Here and Now, to Far Far Away
Author: Ao Jyumonji
Series: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Book 9 of 18+)
Year: 2016
Goodreads page: Link

DISCLAIMER! This is the review of the 9th book of the series, so it could contain spoiler of the previous one even in the synopsis. Read at your discretion.

As the battle against the orc Jumbo and his group Forgan descends into utter chaos, Haruhiro and the party face a crisis unlike any before: Ranta has betrayed them to join Forgan.
From there, they are split up again and fight an intense retreating battle. Without knowing who among the other party members is safe, Haruhiro and his comrades realize anew what the other members of the group mean to them. Having only realized what they had now that it may be gone, will Haruhiro and the others really lose it, or…?
When they encounter an enemy known as “solitude” in the misty Thousand Valley, this tale of adventure that crawled out of the ashes will begin to weave a new act.
(from Goodreads)

This is the second part of the adventure that began in the previous book… and unfortunately there isn’t much more as it doesn’t continue the adventure of our heroes much more.

After the ending of the previous book, I was really interested in seeing how it would have ended with Ranta. Initially I thought it was only messing up with Forgan to try to free Merry… but when in the fight he seemed to really want to hurt Haruhiro, I started getting doubtful… Is Ranta really that bad?

Like in the previous book, due to the split party, we have various points of view and not only Haruhiro’s one.

Generally this book is forgettable and the only part that saves it is the final battle. I sincerely hope that with the next one we will be back on track, especially after that little development that we are able to read about in the last chapter; it was really promising and it seems we could see some nice development soon!

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