Junichiro Tanaka – Welcome to Evolution Online 1

Title: Welcome to Evolution Online 1
Author: Tanaka Junichiro
Year: 2022
Goodreads page: Link

The strange message appears over Kugisaki Akito’s computer screen, and the only way he can make it disappear is by registering for the mysterious game. Just as he forgets about it, the game begins, and he finds himself fighting for his life in a video game world where all the players have been gifted with a class and special ability. But a glitch in the system leaves Akito without a class, and now he must learn to survive using a unique ability that can either grant him immense power…or leave him completely defenseless.
(from Kickstarter)

You know I like Isekai anime and you also know I’m a sucker for Death Games and so when I got asked to review this first volume of this brand new novel I was really hyped and immediately agreed to do it.

Right from the beginning I loved how we get a sneak peak of what is happening to the protagonist to then go all the way back to the start to know how he ended up in this situation. It was a really nice exploit and a nice touch to keep the viewer interested to discover how the protagonist is going to get out of that crisis. It also gets reused later with the same result and so I can completely say that it works really well.

There are also some typical scenes taken from anime and manga that are quite easy to visualize for a fan of this type of media.

Amazing battles with both weapons and special powers and also some really cool turns of events that will totally shock the reader!

The excuse about why and how the protagonist ended up being classless felt a bit weak in the beginning, but after some narration it starts to get a stronger point and a twist that makes it really interesting for the development of the plot.

The drawings are also amazing! Look at how cool the cover is! A lot more incredible ones are available in the book!

The final part of the story is really thrilling and I’m excited to get to know how it is going to continue in the next chapter of this amazing novel.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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