Commander Exercise 59 – Jhoira, Historic Storm

Welcome back to Commander Exercise, the series where I build EDH decks for fun and to improve my deck building skills.

This time I got asked to build a deck with Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain as Commander.

The “cast a spell, draw a card” really reminded me of Sram, but with more options and more colors that could support the same plan but in a different way. We are going to try storming off by constantly casting Historic spells and drawing through our whole deck.  

Jhoira’s ability could let us draw tons of cards in the same turn by playing many different historic spells. The Historic category is made from Artifacts, Legendaries and Sagas and, if you have seen some high-powered Sram decks, you know how many cheap artifacts are available that will let us draw a ton. Still, I didn’t want to rely too much on artifacts that are only cheap but generally useless in many other situations; so I’m also playing more costly ones but supported by way to discount them.

The main plan of the deck is to have Jhoira down on the field and go look for one of our win conditions; after that we only need to start drawing until we are able to use our wincons to close the game, either by casting tons of spells or by drawing our whole deck.

The deck was built with a 250$ budget in mind and you can find the full decklist by clicking here.

The ramp of this deck is generally sub-divided in three categories: mana rocks (like Arcane Signet), discounter (like Foundry Inspector) and others.
In the Others category we can find mostly artifacts like Springleaf Drum and Wayfarer’s Bauble, that help us ramp but at the same time they are also cheap so that we can use them to continue digging through our deck.
Birgi can be virtually assigned to the discounter category but it is not really part of them as it can be weaker as we need to cast the spell before having our discount and stronger at the same time because we can produce more mana with her of the one we are going to use, letting us continuing to storm off.

As I stated before we have two types of wincons; the first one is represented by Aetherflux Reservoir and Reckless Fireweaver and will take us to the win by casting multiple spells until we are able to do enough damage to knock out our opponents.
The second one is Laboratory Maniac that will let us win when we are able to draw our whole deck.

Upping the Storm Count
We don’t have Storm spells but this deck have this package of spells to let us continuously cast and draw more and more spells, reaching the important cards of our deck sooner and go for the win; some of these also have some general utility that will let us survive until we are able to turn on our plan.
My favorite card here is Reinforced Ronin as it will ensure us to have at least one extra card drawn every turn.

Back to Hand
Hurkyl’s Recall and Retract are two cards that we can use to get back all our cheap artifacts back to our hand and then start replaying them to draw even more! Really powerful in this deck as they can give us a huge boost going on.

Card Advantage
Despite having a card advantage engine right into our Command Zone, it is still necessary to have more ways to draw more cards and go even faster through our deck.
The Reality Cheap and Mystic Forge are amazing cards that will give us the possibility to play the top cards of our deck, while Riddlesmith, Vedalken Archmage and Skyswimmer Koi kinda act as a second copy of our Commander.
Fabricate is our tutor and most of the time we are going to use it to get the Aetherflux Reservoir.

Our deck is one that usually thinks on its own, without interacting much with our opponents for most of the time, but sometimes our opponents are going to try to mess with us or play some really dangerous spell… so we need ways to stop them.
Most of these cards are staple cards of the Izzet color, but we are also packing some cheap artifacts that we can use to continue with our main plan.

With the deck based so much on our Commander we are also going to run Boots and Graves to protect her; plus they are also artifacts and so they will let us draw.

Due to the really low average mana value of the deck, the high number of ramp spells and all the card draw we are going to do we can afford to run less lands than usual.
We run a few utility lands but they are all pretty simple and they don’t need much explanations.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know how you would have built it differently, what you will have added and what not…
Also don’t forget to tell me what I should try to build next.

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