2022 Multiformat League – Stage 2: Draft

A new League is starting in my city! This time it will be a multiformat league: tournaments from different formats where you can get points to rise up in the rankings.
The second tournament of this league was another draft with Streets of New Capenna as the set.

The pool wasn’t as good as the one from the previous draft; I was hoping to be able to draft Rakdos Sacrifice as archetype but right from the first pick I was already verting versus Selesnya Citizen. The first pack I was picking mostly red and green cards but the pool wasn’t really good. Pack two I started getting more cards in the Cabaretti colors but then on pack 3 I started not seeing any good cards for my colors! It turns out that the player at my right didn’t notice my signals during the second pack and he also ended up drafting Cabaretti! I picked up some black cards.
The white cards I got felt much better than the black ones but I didn’t have enough threats in my pool and so I decided to add two of the cards with black to increase the number of powerful creatures I could play.

You can click here to see the deck I drafted.

Despite being only 8 players, there were still 4 rounds to be able to give the same amount of points as the rest of the League.

Match 1 vs Maestro Control
Game 1
I have a slow start as I’m not able to find green mana sources while he is full of removals. So he is quickly able to leave my board empty while I start to get able to play my green creature only in late game when it is too late to recover.
Game 2
This time he doesn’t see too many removals but he is able to slow down my race early on with Backstreet Bruiser but I’m still able to fill my board and put him on a clock. However he completely knocks me out when he annihilates my whole board with Hostile Takeover, winning the match from there.

0 wins – 1 loss

Match 2 vs Obscura Tempo
Game 1
He mulligans down to five while I start by playing various creatures in curve. I force him to trade or chumpblock with his whole board, putting him on a clock with my flying creatures. He concedes the game when I Strangle his only flying blocker.
Game 2
Rumor Gatherer sets me up into a double Witty Roastmaster. He also doesn’t have any flyer and so I’m able to bring him down to 10 life with a Speakeasy Server and by giving flying to another one of my creatures with Gilded Pinions.
I’m able to end the game the next turn by casting Darling of the Masses, dealing two damages with the Roastmasters and dealing 8 damages to my opponent thanks to the buff.

1 win – 1 loss

Match 3 vs Cabaretti Aggro
Game 1
He is the guy that was at my right during the draft.
I start with a double Witty Roastmaster that lets me stall by playing defensively and I only need to play more pieces to slowly grind the game. He has an Urabrask that gives him a lot of card advantage while forcing me to play what I found every turn. Luckily he doesn’t find his Incandescent Aria and I’m able to win the game when I deal the last damage with my flying creatures.
Game 2
I have a slower start this time but I’m able to slow him down with my removals. He plays Urabrask again but, this time, I instantly remove it to avoid giving him the advantage he had in the first game.
In this second game was my black splash that gave me the advantage by giving me a creature like the Masked Bandits that, once I gave them flying with the Pinions, put him on a fast clock while I’m chumpblocking his creatures on the ground. He doesn’t find enough flying blockers and I win the game.

2 wins – 1 loss

Match 4 vs Brokers Tempo
Game 1
He played a really good tempo game by contrasting all my early game plays and then dropping down a Celestial Regulator that puts me on a clock, even faster when he powers it up with a Caldaia Strongarm. Even by finding two Witty Roastmaster he is able to neutralize them and win with the Regulator.
Game 2
This second game I’m able to put pressure right from the start forcing him to play defensively. I have an Attended Socialite that deals some good damage right from the beginning and let me seal the game when I cast Darling of the Masses and I start flooding the board.
Game 3
I mulligan down to five as my first hand had only lands while the second one didn’t have any. This is my sentence as I empty my hands pretty quickly and his tempo plays are enough to completely shut me down. He easily takes care of my creatures and then ends the game with one of his flying creatures.

2 wins – 2 losses

With this result and thanks to my rating I ended up being 4th in the rankings! Not too satisfied but I wasn’t in my best condition and so I’m at peace with myself.

I still don’t know which format will be the next of this league and so… stay tuned to discover it with me!

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