Cristina Mîrzoi – The Headsman

Title: The Headsman
Author: Cristina Mîrzoi
Year: 2022
Goodreads page: Link

Take a glimpse into the world of a headsman, a gloomy village in which each dweller has a secret: an evil witch, a shrewd florist, a naive young man, a foreign merchant, a dreadful husband, a mischievous maid, and a lustful duke. These stories are intertwined, weaving a dark narrative of love, trickery, brutality, and loss.
Under the bleak aesthetic, raw human emotions unravel themselves in a gripping story about moral decay. In a world that belongs to the wicked, how far can one walk this path while keeping a clean conscience?
The Headsman is a collection of short stories that focus on interconnected characters, sometimes looking at the same event from a different perspective. As a genre, it falls somewhere under dark fiction territory.
(from Goodreads)

A story that almost seems to go backwards, starting by showing us one of the final moments and then going back showing us all the events that brought the story there. It doesn’t only go backwards but it continuously makes timeskips from the future and the past.
A non-linear narration that really intrigues the readers and keeps him glued to the pages.

We will see the point of view of many different characters that will interconnect with each other, focusing a bit more one the figure of the headsman, and giving us more and more clues about what is really happening in the village.

It has a really nice linguistic register with some elements from decadentism, like the “nobody wins, everyone loses” theme.

A short book but really intriguing! I totally recommend it!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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