Ashley Brandt – Creatures of Chaos

Title: Creatures of Chaos
Author: Ashley Brandt
Year: 2022
Goodreads page: Link

Casey and her friends are your average teenagers with one exception- they can command the elements. Casey has the uncanny ability to grow and direct plants. Parker can manipulate water and call forth a rainstorm. Max has dominion over the four winds. Finch can command the animals and Debbie can move Earth. As if puberty wasn’t bad enough, these supernatural teens are being hunted by Dr. James Bradford, who has plans to exploit their abilities for his own profit. As these teens discover the origin of their abilities, they must also learn to wield their own power and protect themselves, and each other, from the greed of their enemies.
(from Goodreads)

It was a bit of a bummer that the first half of the story almost didn’t have anything of what was described in the synopsis. It seemed like a high school story with only some hints to fantasy and Greek mythology, getting more important little by little until the last quarter of the book where these elements become the real protagonists of the book.

The Fantasy part is really intriguing and this becomes a double-edged sword due to the length of the book: there isn’t much space and it will leave the reader hungry for more.
Once finished this book, you will still have various unanswered questions and desire to read more about the protagonists.

The story however seems to be a stand alone and that won’t be more about it, despite the finale being an open one. I sincerely hope that the author will try to explore more of this universe she has created, as I liked this short novel and I feel that what penalizes it more is that it doesn’t have enough space to explain things.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


    • I will be completely honest with you: it was also the same thought I had the first time I read the synopsis… also mind that I only saw the first movie of Percy Jackson 😅 probably I should read the books too.

      However, apart from the first impressions from the synopsis, the only similarity they have is that the powers are linked to Greek myths but both the plot and the general atmosphere are completely different

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