Commander Exercise 62 – Forcing the Epic play

Welcome back to Commander Exercise, the series where I build EDH decks for fun and to improve my deck building skills.

This time I got asked by XDenominatorX on Reddit to build a deck based on using Eye of the Storm and Hive Mind to force each opponent to cast multiple Kamigawa Epic spells. He also told me that I can use whatever card I want to combo with Eye and Hive to win the game.

After checking out how I could win with these spells, I decided that I needed a 5-colored commander to be able to make this deck work fully. Seeing the high cost of some of the spells we are going to cast, I decided to use Jodah as my Commander, to accelerate the plan with some good fixing.

The deck is a combo one that focus on finding Eye of the Storm and Hive Mind to make our opponents cast one of the Epic spells and a way to neutralize the effect of that epic spells… basically having them cast the spells that, thanks to the Epic ability, will prevent them from casting any other spells and preventing them to cast other things while we nullify the effect of it.

Being a five color deck and a combo one, I decided to change the usual budget into “I cannot play spells that cost more than 50-60$”. You can find the full decklist by clicking here.

Forcing to play Epic
Hive Mind is the card that will force our opponents to play the Epic spells, limiting after that their capacity to play. Eye of the Storm is the card that will let us cheat and not play the epic spell ourselves.

Epic Spells
These are the Epic spells we are going to make our opponents cast. Each of them has the right card to contrast it in the deck. The best one that our “contrast cards” will turn into advantage for us is for sure Enduring Ideal. Pay particular attention to Endless Swarm as the contrast card for it will give the victory to our opponents that run Zulaport effects.

The ramp package of the deck focuses mainly on both fixing and sheer ramping. The deck doesn’t need much mana to work as our Commander will basically discount our spells; however, if Jodah isn’t available, the deck can still be able to cast the pricey spells with the right investment in the ramping.
Ramos, with his ability, will let us play two spells with our Commander… or we could let it grow bigger and bigger and use it as a way to close games.

Being a combo deck we need to have a nice package to tutor for our pieces.
Bringer of the Black Dawn is a repeatable Vampiric Tutor that we get to cast each of our upkeeps.
Opposition Agent is the first of our contrast cards and it is the one that will neutralize Enduring Ideal and, even better, it will let us tutor for enchantment cards from our opponents deck.

Card Advantage
Card Advantage is another strong way to dig for our Combo pieces and in these decks we are able to play some of the most powerful spells thanks to Jodah’s ability of discounting their price.
Eerie Ultimatum is an incredible effect that will let us recover our whole combo if it gets removed, while Kozilek will net us some card advantage while putting a powerful beater on the field. Being able to cast these spells only for five manas feels like a dream!
Vega will let us draw a ton of cards in combination with Eye of the Storm.

Interactions are quite important for the deck because we need to be able to clean our opponents’ boards as, even if we are able to stop them from casting more spells, we can still die due to what they already have on the field.
Aether Flash is another one of our contrast cards and it will neutralize the effect of Endless Swarm.

Before we are able to force our opponents to play an Epic spell, they could still disrupt our combo and so it is important to have these cards to protect our pieces and our Commander to be able to safely proceed with our plan.

Enter the Infinite is another cool card to cast with Hive Mind that will put all our opponents on a two turns clock, resulting in a win if we still have locked them with an Epic spell; they might well have all their decks in hands if they cannot cast anything. Paradigm Shift is a weaker version of it.
Lavinia is a contrast card for every one of the Epic spells but we have to play her after we force our opponents to play an Epic spell as we need the first one to not be countered.
Stranglehold is a contrast card for all those tutoring Epic spells.

The lands are all to fix our mana to let us play our spells, giving more focus to the non-red lands as we are playing really few red spells. We also run three of the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty rare lands as extra removals.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know how you would have built it differently, what you will have added and what not…
Also don’t forget to tell me what I should try to build next.


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