Road to Paupergeddon Milano 2023 – Season 1, Stage 3

Paupergeddon is one of the biggest Pauper events here in Italy! To get ready for it our local League organized four tournaments! The winners of each tournament will also get the possibility to join the finals where they will battle for a free entry to Paupergeddon Milano 2023!

For this third tournament, I brought again my Bogles, this time fully completed with all the cards I needed.

You can tap here to see the list.

We were 17 players and the tournament was composed of four Swiss rounds.

Match 1 vs Jund Midrange
Game 1
I mulligan down to five but I’m still able to set up a strong race that he is able to stop two times by finding two Chainer’s Edict. I’m lucky that he gets stuck only on two colors and so it gives me time to recover. Luckily Rancor is the card that I need as it always comes back when my creatures get removed. I cast a third creature and with two Rancor on it I’m able to menace a win, but he has a blocker. Luckily I found a Ram Through that let me remove the blocker and then go lethal.
Game 2
In: 2 Young Wolf
Out: 1 Ram Through, 1 Commune with the Spirits

I keep a debatable hand but that would lead me to the win if he doesn’t find Edicts effects. I cast a Silhana Ledgewalker and enchant it with Ethereal Armor that, thanks to all the enchantments I already have on my lands. He feels forced to cast Cleansing Wildfire on one of my lands to remove the auras and slow down my race but I’m already really ahead. I’m lucky because I’m not finding more enchantments and neither creatures but he doesn’t find Edicts and so I’m able to win.

1 win – 0 losses

Match 2 vs UGr TurboFog
Game 1
he is basically playing the TurboFog list that we lately see being played but with a red splash. I won’t understand during this game why he splashed like that. I knew the deck because my brother was playing the same list without the splash.
I start with Bogle that I enchant with a Cartouche that becomes the key to win this first game. I have two Ancestral Mask and I put one on the Bogle and the other on the token of the Cartouche. This let me play around his Tangle thanks to the Vigilance of the token and win the game.
Game 2
In: 2 Relic of Progenitus
Out: 1 Ram Through, 1 Ancestral Mask

Before speaking about the game, two words about the sideboard: I didn’t prepare my sideboard for fogs as I didn’t thought that there weren’t many other players apart from my brother that would play it; in the end there were two other players running this type spells. I should have brought some Flaring Pain. I sided in two Relic to try to stop the flashback of Moment’s Peace. Another note about the sideboard is that I took the wrong card out: I should have removed an Armadillo Cloak as he doesn’t play nor creature nor wins with damage and so both the abilities were useless.
The games go almost like the first one: I play my Gladecover Scout with a Cartouche to create the Vigilance warrior and I start attacking with them by putting a Mask on the Warrior so to always have an attacker even despite Tangle. He removes the Ancestral Mask from the elf and shows me what the red was for by killing the elf with Breath Weapon. Still it isn’t enough to stop me and, thanks to him not finding enough fogs, I win.

2 wins – 0 losses

Match 3 vs Rakdos Burn
Game 1
Strong start with Elf, double Rancor and Ancestral Mask that puts him on a fast clock. He isn’t able to recover enough life with his black burn spells and I quickly close the game like this,
Game 2
In: 2 Lifelink
Out: 1 Cartouche, 1 Ram Through

I start again with Silhana with double Rancor and Ancestral Mask, immediately taking her out from the range of Krark-Clan Shaman and I’m able to close the game.
This was more dangerous as he was able to chain various burn spells one after the other and it was a really close call.

3 wins – 0 losses

Match 4 vs Boros Bully
Game 1
Game 1 the only answers he has for my deck are the Prismatic Strands and still I decide to botch it by mulligan down to five and keep a hand with no creatures and with a Commune with the Spirits. I end up not finding any creatures for the rest of the game and I lose it.
Game 2
In: 2 Crimson Acolyte, 1 Ram Through
Out: 2 Cartouche, 1 Commune with the Spirits

I have a good start but he is able to stop my attacks by chump blocking and with strands… until he casts Aura Fracture! I wasn’t totally expecting it and he had various lands and so he was able to completely shut me down and win this second game.

3 wins – 1 loss

With this result I was able to arrive 3rd in the ranking! Like the previous tournament but this time we were more players!

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