Centurion Commander Tournament Under200 @ Cles (TN)

Last Sunday another Centurion Commander tournament took place in my area! This time things however were a bit different as there was a deck building rule applied to the decks: the whole deck could cost a maximum of 200€.
The rule surely imposed quite a shift of the meta because the most cut due to the higher prices were done to mana bases…

I decided to bring my Targ Nar deck to the tournament as it really needed only a cut to the most pricey lands to fall in the price range of the deck… and so I didn’t have to make many changes.
You can click here to see the list.

We were 12 players and the tournament was composed of four Swiss rounds.

Match 1 vs Edric, Spymaster of Trest
Game 1
He has a strong start by countering my Targ Nar and then casting Questing Beast. I’m able to save myself thanks to Glorybringer that blows it up. We exchange a few blows with our evasive creatures while we are both building our boards. He has me committing my whole board by making all his some 5/5 thanks to his Jolrael, Mnonvuli Recluse and I have to sacrifice my whole board to block the attack. Thankfully he has tapped everything out to do this and I have two creature-lands that I can animate… I only need to find at least a 1/1 with Haste or a Burn spell to win and I top-deck a Goblin Rabblemaster. That gives me a 1/1 hasty boy that together with my Mutavault and Mishra’s Factory let me do the last five damages I need to win the game.
Game 2
I have a slightly slower start but this time I’m the one playing the Questing Beast that, together with my Commander, is able to dish in some nice damage. He has creatures that are too small to stop the Beast and when he starts grinding I’m ready with some removals to clean the board. I win by continuously hitting with my creatures.

1 win – 0 losses

Match 2 vs Henzie “Toolbox” Torre
Game 1
I had a really fast start by playing Targ Nar and Ahn-Crop Crasher, followed on turn 4 by a Reckless Bushwhacker that let me attack for 17 damages! I close the game the turn right after because he isn’t able to stop me.
Game 2
I starts off with a Bloom Tender but the real problem comes when he drops a Dryad of the Ilysian Grove; the Dryad has a really big body and quickly stops all my attacks and slows me down a lot. He starts playing many creatures and seals the game when he is able to, thanks to his Commander, blitz out an Archon of Cruelty that seals the game in his favor.
Game 3
I have an even faster start than the first game! I start with Experiment One and on turn 2 I chain a Burning-Tree Emissary into my Commander. Turn 3 I cast Domri, Anarch of Bolas using the mana from it to cast a Goblin Guide. I use all of this to attack for 16 damages and I seal the game the following turns.

2 wins – 0 losses

Match 3 vs Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger
Game 1
I have a strong start while he tries to slow me down with some removals but he doesn’t find red mana and so he isn’t really able to start. I quickly end the game without him being able to put enough presence on the board to stop him. The worst part for him was that my Robber of the Rich was able to steal two cards from him… and they were both Mountains.
Game 2
My opponent is quite unlucky as this second game goes as the first one… only this time he isn’t able to find the black mana. I quickly win thanks to my aggro creatures attacking undisturbed.

3 wins – 0 losses

Match 4 vs Grenzo, Dungeon Warden
Game 1
He is on the play and starts with a turn 1 Goblin Lackey that really scares me off and forces me to play defensively as I don’t want him to immediately drop down something destructive like a turn 2 Muxus. However he can easily wait off as he starts filling the board with Krenko, Mob Boss, He fills the board with goblin tokens and then seal the games by playing a Mogg Raider, attacking with everything and, once blockers are declared, sacrificing everything to pump one of the unblocked goblin to go lethal.
Game 2
Seeing the stall game he did before I decided to put both of us on a clock by playing a Roiling Vortex. I then play a Questing Beast and I start hitting him with it. I decided to swing for a final attack with two manlands. He shot my board with Fire Covenant but this puts him still at enough low life to be killed by the Vortex.
Game 3
I keep a hand with various removals but he immediately puts a full stop to my plan by casting Goblin Chirurgeon that makes me use my removals to destroy what he wants. With my removals being totally unaffecting he only needs to remove my few creatures before going lethal thanks to the buff of his Goblin King.

3 wins – 1 loss

With this result I was able to place second in the tournament! A nice result and I have to say that I enjoyed this meta where creatures mattered a lot more rather than the control or combo-focused one of regular Centurion. I hope we will have more tournaments like this one in the future.


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