Darwin’s Game – Chp. 97

Title: Darwin’s Game
Original Title: ダーウィンズゲーム

An unknowing Sudou Kaname is invited to try out a new mysterious mobile app game called Darwin’s Game, but later realizes that he’s in for more than he’s bargained for when he finds out that there’s no way to quit the game.

DISCLAIMER! This is the review of the 97th chapter of this manga. By being a review of a single chapter it can contain various SPOILERS. Read at your discretion.

We start off with another big revelation: it seems that the GM for Kaname’s world was also the GM in the timeline where the cult leader is from! I was thinking that every timeline had only a single GM and that he was focused on administering only that one… could it be that the GM failed in protecting his original timeline and was moved to Kaname’s one?

Things start to link when it’s revealed that, in the other timeline, Kaname didn’t play in the Treasure Hunt Event. Could it be that the maiden was seeing this other timeline in the dream where she saw Kaname not joining D-Game?

The whole story of Saigen is really interesting and I really wonder where it will lead us after all these revelations. The story is repeating but with new actors… will Kaname and the others be able to change destiny? 


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