32 EDH Decks Project 9 – Rakdos: Chainer, Nightmare Adept

Hi everyone and welcome to the series on my blog where I will try to complete my 32 EDH Decks Project.
For those who don’t know it, the 32 EDH Decks is a popular challenge amongst Commander Deck Builders where you have to build a deck for colorless, mono-colored and each of the color combinations.

We are at the third deck of the two color combinations: Rakdos! Between the four Commander I give you the possibility to choose on my Instagram, the most voted was Chainer, Nightmare Adept!

We are going to build a deck that focuses on both the main themes of Chainer: Madness and Reanimation!

The deck focuses on cheating out some nice spells thanks to they Madness cost while at the same time reanimating creatures to net value out of them.
We are going to win either with sheer value from the constant recurring of our pieces or thanks to one of our finishers.

Lots of our interactions will be on creatures and so with the help of our Entomb-style tutors our graveyard will also become a toolbox to solve various boards.

You can find the full decklist by clicking here.

Some general ramp with mana rocks, classic of a Rakdos deck, but here Burnished Hart and Solemn Simulacrum can bring even more value thanks to the ability of Chainer to recur them.
Burnt Offering is really nice to basically replicate the effect of one of our creatures in the field: we can sacrifice it with the Offering and discard a card to reanimate it back again with Chainer, using the mana we just get.

These are basically some “free” cards to discard to our Commander as we can discard them and still cast them thanks to Madness (a lot of the time for a cheaper cost).
Muck Drubb is a really nice surprise card that could steal a big power up or to eat a removal.

This instead is our reanimation part. Our Commander will not always be available to reanimate our creatures and so having these cards as a backup is always nice.
Doomed Necromancer is especially nice when paired with our Commander: we can discard a big creature to Chainer to activate his ability, then activate the Necromancer ability to reanimate the big creature and then cast the Necromancer back from the graveyard thanks to Chainer’s ability.
Junji can act as a reanimation but could also help us win games thanks to the other choice of making our opponents discard and lose life when it dies!

Card Advantage
General card advantage will come to us from Madness spells or the big creatures we are going to reanimate.
Anje Falkenrath is a card draw engine that will let us dig deeper in our deck by discarding Madness cards. Bone Miser will also reward us by discarding cards to Chainer, open up to a lot of possible plays, while we can use Containment Construct to still play the cards we are going to discard.
Garna covers various different roles in the deck: it will give us back our creatures after a wrath, enable haste or simply give us back all the creature cards we discarded during the turn.

As told before, the tutors in the deck will usually help us turn our graveyard into a toolbox with various Entomb effects.
Burning-Rune Demon and Gamble will put the cards in our hand but they both have the possibility of dumping what we wanted to the graveyard… but we don’t care as we could always reanimate it.

Our deck favors attrition battles where we can win thanks to the continuous recursion of our creatures so having a ton of removals is nice to keep our opponents board in check! Even better if our removals can be casted with madness or are creatures we can reanimate.
A small note about Ingot Chewer: remember that with Chainer’s ability you can still cast it for its evoke cost!

Our finishers will let us deal extra damage when one of our creatures will be reanimated (Flayer of the Hatebound), enters of the battlefield (Terror of the Peaks) or every time one of our creatures cards move in or out of the graveyard (Syr Konrad). These cards are what will make our grinding game lethal by damaging our opponents due to the actions that we are going to do to control the board.

Anger is a cool card to discard and have in the graveyard to enable some surprise attacks or quick shenanigans we are going to do without creatures thanks to the Haste.
Crucible of Worlds is nice to let us discard land cards without thinking about it as we will always have the possibility to play them from the graveyard.
Having sac outlets like Phyrexian Altar and Viscera Seer is nice as, if we need again the ETB of something that is already on the field, we can sacrifice it with them so we can reanimate it.
Being limited to using Chainer’s ability only once per turn, having Vedalken Orrery that let us cast eve in our opponents turn is nice to use it multiple times during a turn cycle… and also react quickly to menaces.

Not much to say about the lands as they are here mostly to give us mana or some card advantage, like Castle Lochtwain or Takenuma.
Drownyard Temple is a very nice land to have as we can discard it and get it back on the field later, even without the Crucible.

Thank you for reading this post and feel free to comment with any improvement you would make to the deck. Let me also know if you decide to build it and try it!

Gruul will be the next deck! So stay tuned!

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