Money Heist: Part 5

Title: Money Heist: Part 5
Original Title: La casa de papel: parte 5
Episodes: 10
Year: 2021
Directed by: Álex Pina
Distributed by: Netflix

DISCLAIMER! By being this a review of the 5th part of the tv series, you could find spoilers of the previous seasons. Read the article at your discretion.

Those of you that read my posts from long ago know that my thought about this second heist was that it should have never existed and that it should have finished with the first one.
Still I was really curious to know how it would have ended.

This fifth season starts really strong and it was a bummer to have it divided in two parts. The group starts to be attacked on multiple fronts making things a lot more interesting.

The series never fails to thrill us for the fate of our favorite characters and I think this is a strong point of it.

I would have avoided the parts dedicated to Berlin as they feel shallow with only the function of explaining the backstory of the plan… or at least they seemed not fundamental for the story but it’s not like that!

I was really happy with the ending of the first part while the second one, excluding the scenes about the Professor, felt a lot slower. Luckily with the 8th episode it seems to get back to the regular pace of the series with some really spectacular twists and turns.

The first part of the series was really thrilling and full of action while the second one felt too quiet if not for a few episodes with a finale that is meh! It’s not bad but at the same time not good either!

Overall this second heist was not bad but, if they ever decided to make a third one, I can already tell you that I won’t watch it: it feels like that something like that (like it was for this second one) will be only to take advantage of the popularity of this series while delivering a product with decreasing quality.

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