Commander Exercise 64 – The Queen of Aristocrats

Welcome back to Commander Exercise, the series where I build EDH decks for fun and to improve my deck building skills.

This time I got asked on Instagram to build a deck with Teysa Karlov as Commander.

When thinking about Teysa, I’m sure that 99% of you will think about an Aristocrats deck! That’s because Teysa is probably the Queen for this type of decks and so we are also going to build it following this philosophy!

Teysa is one of the most popular aristocrat Commander mostly for her first ability that will double up (or even more) the speed at which the deck can work. Doubling up all the dying triggers means that you will get two pings from Zulaport Cutthroat at each death or get double the rats with Ogre Slumlord.

The plan of the deck is pretty simple: get on the field some creatures, a sac outlet and a Zulaport Effect and start pinging your opponents to death, going even faster by casting Teysa.

The deck was built with a 250$ budget in mind and you can find the full decklist by clicking here.

Mana rocks plus creatures that will create tokens that will net us some mana, like Pawn of Ulamog.
Burnished Hart and Solemn Simulacrum are two creatures that will get us some basic lands and that we will be quite happy to sacrifice to get some pings from our Zulaport effects.
Bontu’s and Oketra’s Monument will discount our creature while also providing us some nice bonus effects with Bontu pinging our opponents when one of our creatures will enter the field, while Oketra will give us more creatures to sac.

Zulaport Effects
These are the cards that will turn each of our creatures into a way to ping to death our opponents. Syr Konrad will also ping for other things while Corpse Knight will hit when a creature enters the battlefield instead.

Sac Outlets
We cannot always wait for our creatures to die on her own and so we are going to use these cards to accelerate the process and get some advantages while doing it. Spawning Pit is my personal favorite as it will give us more creatures to sacrifice and continue pinging our opponents.

These are all creatures that will get back from the graveyard or create some tokens when dying; basically giving us even more value when their abilities synergize with our Commander and we will end up having a lot more creatures to sacrifice.
Elenda could possibly create a ton of tokens when dying, especially if we chain the various sacrifices in the correct way and we have our Commander on the field to double it.

Card Advantage
Apart from Bolas’s Citadel, all our card advantage comes from card draw when our creatures are dying or getting back our dead creatures.
Liliana, Dreadhorde General is a powerful way to draw, create tokens and control the board by making our opponents sacrifice their permanents.

In the Orzhov colors we get the best removals spells for each type of permanent and so we are going to use all the goodness from these colors.
Teysa, Orzhov Scion is a nice way to sacrifice creatures to exile an opponents’ one while also getting back a spirit for each of our black creatures that dies.

Having ways to keep our Commanders and other important creatures on the field is nice but also Inkshield is a nice trick to have up our sleeve: prevent all the damage from a big attack and fill the board with creatures we can sacrifice to reverse the game and win.

Apart from lands to produce our mana, we have some utility ones that we can use to sacrifice our creatures, like High Market, or create tokens, like Castle Ardenvale.
Shambling Vent can be animated and become a creature and won’t be so uncommon to do it to sacrifice it and deal the last damage we need to win the game.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know how you would have built it differently, what you will have added and what not…
Also don’t forget to tell me what I should try to build next.

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