2022 Multiformat League – Stage 4: Pioneer

A new League is starting in my city! This time it will be a multiformat league: tournaments from different formats where you can get points to rise up in the rankings.
The third tournament of this league was a Pioneer one.

After my first ever Pioneer tournament, I decided to switch my deck and I started building a Mono White Humans. I didn’t have the opportunity to test it before the tournament and so it also became my training ground and not only a competition.

You can click here to see my decklist.

We were 17 players (more than double the number we got at the previous Pioneer tournament) and, after announcing that there will be 4 Swiss rounds, we started playing.

Match 1 vs Mardu Greasefang
Game 1
I mulligan down to five and this doesn’t give me enough gas to be able to set up a race fast enough to finish the game before he is able to play Greasefang and reanimate the Parhelion. I take the first hit and I’m able to remove the two angels but the game ends when he dumps Parhelion back into the graveyard and gets it back in the field with Greasefang.
Game 2
In: 3 Rest in Peace
Out: 2 Thraben Inspector, 1 Tomik, Distinguished Advokist

I start with a turn 2 Rest in Piece but he is ready to remove it with Portable Hole. I then cast Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and she seems to really annoy him, especially when he decides to waste a turn only to Fatal Push her but I’m ready and, thanks to him removing my Rest in Piece earlier, I’m able to bring her back to the field with Extraction Specialist. This somewhat slows him down a lot and I’m able to win the game when, after another removal targeted at Thalia and me protecting her with Brave the Elements, he decides to concede.
Game 3
I start again with Rest in Piece that this time sticks around as he decides to ignore it and focus his removals on my creatures. I start building a board until he is able to cast Skysovereing, Consul Flagship. That basically seals the game as he is able to bombard my creatures with each attack while also dealing me six damages. I don’t have instant speed removals and so I’m not able to deal with Vehicles and he wins.

0 wins – 1 loss

Match 2 vs Mono Red Burn
Game 1

I have a nice starting hand but then I start drawing only lands, quickly finishing my gas. I’m able to resist thanks to Thalia slowing him down and menacing some easy kills thanks to her first strike but after drawing five plains in a row, I don’t have enough resources to contain him and he is able to remove Thalia and win the game.
Game 2
In: 4 Portable Hole
Out: 1 Tomik, Distinguished Advokist, 2 Thraben Inspector, 1 Kytheon, Hero of Akros

I have a strong start immediately removing his first two creatures with a Portable Hole and Brutal Cathar. After that I cast Thalia’s Lieutenant and Luminarch Aspirant that help me bring the Cathar out of the removal range for his deck and pump my army enough to give me the game.
Game 3
I keep a really powerful hand that, if I find the third land, I will be able to really overwhelm him with two Brutal Cathar and Adeline, Resplendent Cathar. Seeing how the first game went, I felt pretty safe… but I was wrong. I won’t find the third land for the rest of the game and so I quickly finish the gas and he easily wins the game.

0 wins – 2 losses

Match 3 vs Orzhov Aristocrats
Game 1
I have a strong start by cleaning his board with two Brutal Cathar and, when I flip Kytheon, I’m able to force him to attack me and I kill his last blocker. I pump all my creatures with Shefet Dunes and I go for the kill the turn right after
Game 2
In: 1 Extraction Specialist, 2 Selfless Spirit
Out: 1 Tomik, Distinguished Advokist, 2 Thraben Inspector

I’m able to stay in advantage for the majority of the game but he is able to slow me down with various removals and wraths. When we both have an empty board, he is able to refill it much faster but doesn’t have enough power to kill me quickly and get over my few blockers. When I start getting a few dead draw I decide to concede this game: I wasn’t feeling able to overwhelm him and I thought I could have a better possibility to win the match if we went to game 3
Game 3
I have a fast start but with zero removals, I undervalued how quick he was able to put up some board presence. I try to stall the game to find the Brutal Cathar to remove his pieces but he is able to drop two Cruel Celebrant and a Teysa Karlov. Attacking becomes incredibly difficult like this and he decides to seal the game on its own by casting Kaya’s Wrath and dealing me 28 damages in a single shot.

0 wins – 3 losses

Match 4 – Bye

1 win – 3 losses

With these results I ended up being 15th in the ranking but surely I wasn’t satisfied. I’m liking the deck and the format but surely I was inexperienced in piloting it and maybe not in the right mentality.
I will make some small changes to the deck and we will see how it goes in the next tournament.

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