Road to Paupergeddon Milano 2023 – Season 1, Finals

Paupergeddon is one of the biggest Pauper events here in Italy! To get ready for it our local League organized four tournaments! The winners of each tournament will also get the possibility to join the finals where they will battle for a free entry to Paupergeddon Milano 2023!

We finally arrived at the finals and they were right after the Initiative ban and so I changed my sideboard accordingly to be able to face some of the decks that might return with Initiative now out of the way.

You can tap here to see the list.

The finals followed the double elimination system and we started playing after it was decided that we will have a 1 hour time limit per match.

Match 1 vs Boros Eggs
Game 1
I have a strong start but I’m not able to find ways to give trample to my creatures. This really makes it hard for me to damage him as he is constantly dropping some chumpblocker. I don’t find either the Armadillo Cloak and so he wins by chipping my life down.
Game 2
In: 2 Lifelink, 1 Ram Through
Out: 2 Cartouche of Solidarity, 1 Spirited Companion

I have a really strong start with a Silhana Ledgewalker, enchanted with Ancestral Mask and Lifelink. He has chumpblocker but I’m still able to get up to 49 life, getting to a safe place from his attacks. He doesn’t find answers or another flying chump blocker and so I’m able to hit for the win.
Game 3
I mulligan down to four and he answers to my first aura with Dawnbringer Cleric. I feel like I would be able to continue but he drops a Aura Fracture the turn right after. This was already enough to make me want to concede and he then also showed me that he had Electrickery and Revoke Existence in hand… basically his whole side against me.

0 wins – 1 loss

Match 2 vs Kuldotha Burn
Game 1
I mulligan down to four and the lack of cards really hit me badly. I won’t ever find the second land and never really start playing. He easily won this first game.
Game 2
In: 2 Lifelink, 2 Crimson Acolyte
Out: 2 Cartouche of Solidarity, 2 Spirited Companion

Probably scared by the first game, I get really greedy and I keep my first seven cards, despite having only a single land. This punishes me again and the game ends up like the first one. I should probably have also sided in the Fog as his burn was much heavier on creatures than the regular one.

0 wins – 2 loss

With his result I was out from the finals, placing 7th thanks to my position in the league rankings.
Still, stay tuned as the second season of the League already started!


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