Welcome to the Ballroom – Chp. 11

Title: Welcome to the Ballroom
Original Title: ボールルームへようこそ
Author: Tomo Takeuchi
Artist: Tomo Takeuchi

An ordinary middle school student, Fujita Tatara couldn’t find any objective in life and spent his days idly. One day, a group of delinquents picks a fight with him and he is saved by a mysterious man. After that, the man surprisingly takes him to a ballroom dancing class! While being inspired by a girl dancer who goes to that school, Hanaoka Shizuku, and her partner, a genius dancer, Hyoudou Kiyoharu, Tatara starts dedicating his youth to dancesport!!

DISCLAIMER! This is the review of the 11th chapter of this manga. By being a review of a single chapter it can contain various SPOILERS. Read at your discretion.

In this chapter we can see how Tatara is continuing to evolve his dancing style during the competition and thanks to the experience he is getting from it.

It also shows us how incredible Tatara really is! I’m always convinced that if he started dancing at the same age as the others, he would have been a pro!

It is also a great evolution coming from Mako, who is finally shining in all her beauty thanks to Tatara’s lead.

It was really a thrilling part! I hope others like this one will also come in the future!


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