Centurion Commander TAA 2022 League – Finals

Last Friday, the finals of the Centurion Commander TAA 2022 League took place! As always we were collaborating with Pauperwave association for the prizes and the location.

After seven regular stages, the top eight players in the ranking were invited to play in a direct elimination tournament to determine the Centurion champion of our region for the year 2022.
I was second in the League ranking so I was invited to play!

For the finals I decided to play my Wilson deck as it is the one I’m more comfortable playing at the moment and I thought it would have a nice shot at winning.
You can click here to take a look to my list.

Quarterfinals vs Grist, the Hunger Tide
Game 1
I have a really controlling game where I countered each of his plays, either with counterspells or by protecting Wilson by giving it hexproof or indestructible. This really slows down his game and gives me all the time I need to knock him out with the bear.
Game 2
I kept a really risky hand as it had only a single land in it but with the second one I would totally have a powerful start. Luckily my first card draw is the second land I need and I’m able to have a jump start with it, especially helped by my opponent getting stuck at three lands. I’m able to counter all his removals and win the game with my Commander.

Semifinals vs Kraum / Tymna
Game 1
I’m not able to find a second blue source of mana and this slows me down a lot and so he is able to control my game and remove Wilson quite a lot. The game for me ends when I cast Wilson (paying it a lot) and he responds in his turn with Liliana of the Veil, basically locking me.
Game 2
I’m able to ramp quite a lot in the first turns and this gives me enough mana to be able to answer to all his treats and protect Wilson well. I use Spectral Flight on my Commander, making it into a flying 4/4 and putting my opponent on a fast clock. I only need to protect my Commander and remove Kraum with a combat trick to take the game home.
Game 3
I start with Stifle on his fetchland and also a Mental Misstep on his Tithe. I set up a really fast race thanks to Rancor and Unstable Mutation, quickly closing the game on my fifth turn with a kicked Vines of Vastwood.

Finals vs Grist, the Hunger Tide
Game 1
Wilson enters powerfully and let me swing freely in the first few turns, until he casts a Plaguecrafter. I don’t have counters and so he removes Wilson but, thanks to a Ponder, I’m able to restart quite quickly and win the game by dealing the last damages I need.
Game 2
He starts and I’m ready to protect Wilson as he gets his turn 3 and he would be able to pay for the ward… however I’m not ready for a Plaguecrafter on that turn and I get completely locked out from the game as he is able to set up Grist and be ready to remove Wilson as soon as I cast it.
Game 3
I have a slower start as I’m not able to make Wilson big enough to menace a knock out and I’m also able to counter Grist. However he found tons of removals and he is constantly slinging it at Wilson until I end them and he is able to destroy my Commander. I try to recast it but he is ready with another removal and I have to wait to find two more lands to recast it and he, in the meantime, is able to safely set up his board for a win. I concede feeling too behind to try winning even if I have been able to recast Wilson again. After conceding he shows me that he had the Plaguecrafter in hand… I guess it was my destiny to lose lol

With this, I ended up placing second in the league with my race stopped right before becoming the champion myself! I guess I will have to retry next year! Yes! We will have a 2023 edition of the League! Stay tuned!


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