BananaLemon – BESTY

Hi everyone and welcome to another music review! This time I will talk about the new EP Besty of the Japanese group BananaLemon. It’s the first time that I bring them here on the blog but they are a group that I started to appreciate in the last year.
This new album features five songs, some of them that we already got to hear… still I will talk and give my opinions about all of them! Let’s start!

Phoenix is the first track of the album and has a really powerful vibe and I think it also represents BananaLemon rising back after one of the members decided to leave the group. I like how empowering this song is and how we can hear both some powerful and some nice rap parts.  

New Moon instead is more on the ballad style and also has a quite nice music video (you can check it out here). It has been out for almost ten months and so I already know it quite well… especially because it has something catchy that makes the melody get stuck in your head. I found myself humming it quite a lot! The vocals here are so mellow and I really loved how well they go with the rap parts. Really an amazing song and one of my favorites from the group.  

This is the song that gives the name to the album and the one that wasn’t released before… I’m listening to it for the first time to write this review and so it is totally my first impression. The vibes here are more bubbly/chic and feels like the girls are going out and having fun. The upbeat rhythm is totally something energizing and something that I would love to hear while I’m riding to reach for my friends for a night out. We totally have a change from the style they had when they were a quartet and from songs like Slaysian but I’m not disliking it at all and I love to see that the girls are still up and running.

With the release of this EP they also published a Music Video for BESTY! Let’s watch it and comment it together:

I love how the music video also has the same vibes of the song: totally friends hanging out together and having fun. I find it perfect for the song and I like all those pastel colors! The scenes on the beach are really beautiful and I like how they have a different color palette but they also send out the same message of hanging out with your Besty!  

With Escort we have a powerful beat again and the rap parts are the main focus but with some nice adlibs in the background. To be honest, this was my least favorite song of the album as it doesn’t have either the power, the energy of the vibes of the others.

Falling into you is the last song of this new album and it has an R&B rhythm that prioritizes the vocals instead of the rap parts. It was really nice to listen to and quite relaxing despite the upbeat parts.

I liked how they explored all different styles for this album but I also loved to have them back and I hope this will be the first of a long series of successful releases.


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