“Die for Lily”‘s Primer Update after Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Hi everyone!
This is a small post to notify you about an update to my Liliana, Heretical Healer Primer: “Die for Lily”.

The update to the list comes due to the addition of three new cards to the main decklist.

List of the changes:

  • + Vraska, Betrayal’s Sting, – Murderous Rider to the main list: Vraska synergizes incredibly well with the deck by acting as card draw, removal and also increasing the loyalty of our planeswalkers to help them activate their ultimate ability sooner. We can also use her as a finisher but it will be only against one player and it will take one more turn after using her ultimate ability.
  • + Imperial Seal, – Rise of the Dark Realms to the main list: Imperial Seal was a card that was only waiting to be purchased to find its space in the deck. Initially my thought was to remove Grim Tutor for it but then I decided to replace Rise of the Dark Realms as it wasn’t working well enough to justify his high mana cost and the spot in the deck.
  • + Black Market Connection, – Phyrexian Arena to the main list: Black Market is a direct upgrade to the Arena.
  • Removed mention to Rise of the Dark Realms in the Reanimation section of the primer.
  • Removed Imperial Seal from Notable Exclusion.

This is all for this update! Thank you for reading!

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