“Don’t worry, my superfriends! I am your shield!”‘s after Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Phyrexia: All Will Be One with the return to New Phyrexia also brought powerful cards for many different decks!

With ten new Planeswalkers and a lot of Proliferate support it was almost obvious that something would come out for my Pramikon deck… and so it was: two new cards! 

You can find the previous post about this deck by clicking here.

While by clicking here you can find the updated decklist.

+ Ichormoon Gauntlet, – Arena Rector
As I also told in the update for my Beginner’s Guide to Superfriends in Commander, Ichormoon Gauntlet is extremely good, especially when you have a high number of Planeswalkers on the board, as you can make them all Proliferate to use the ultimate ability of one almost immediately. It gives more possibility to Pramikon to explode out of nowhere.
I decided to remove Arena Rector from the list because it was almost impossible to have its ability triggered. I couldn’t use it to chump block due to the nature of the deck of completely locking combat and opponents always exiled it instead of killing it. Strong for sure but it wasn’t working in the list.

+ The Eternal Wanderer, – Elminster
The Eternal Wanderer seems to be made for this deck: she is a Planeswalker that can defend herself quite well; her +1 will let us blink Pramikon to change its direction, while her -4 is a wrath effect that will let us keep our Commander on the field; the 0 is nice to produce creature that can defend us in case Pramikon isn’t available.
I decided to remove Elminster to make space for her as the good old wizard was nice for the extra card draw it was giving… but his utility ended there.

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